A Third of Russians Don’t Believe Everything on the Internet

From новости@mail.ru:

A Third of Russians Don’t Believe Information on the Internet

Moscow, 13th September – RIA Novosti. A third (33%) of Russians surveyed do not trust information from the internet, while exactly half of respondents believe that information can be distributed widely thanks to publication on the web, according to results of the poll published by the Public Opinion Foundation on Wednesday.

According to the study, the number of people who trust information from the web was also 33%, while the remaining 34% of respondents were undecided. 15% of Russians did not believe that information can be widely distributed by publication on the internet, 34% were undecided.

According to the poll, 38% of people believe that the publication of information on, for example, problems in cities and towns, helps to resolve them, another 22% disagree, but the majority of those questioned (40%) were unsure about the internet’s role in problem-solving.

Comments from новости@mail.ru:


I love to listen to the radio, they only speak the truth, and you can turn it up or down.))) […]

росерг лог:

The internet turned into a rubbish dump a long time ago, gents, a third of the information is rubbish, adverts, viruses, a third is filler and brainwashing, and the other third is biased information that needs to be analysed and verified, in short, you need to think and not trust it.


I don’t believe this news.


You can only trust what’s on the internet, what’s on TV and radio, you definitely can’t trust. For example, bloggers write the truth, at least the very essence, and it makes them happy to do so. Radio, TV, are the tools of the authorities, but the internet is the people’s power, fair and honest. And 100% of sensible people believe the internet.

Agap Ded: (responding to above)

Bloggers earn money however they can, and you’ve given them your ears.


Trust, but verify. The internet is much better than TV. Here, you can choose what to believe. But with TV, there’s no choice left.

Сергей Доронин:

So a third manage not to trust the internet. That means that two thirds do. That means that the headline ought to be like this: “THE MAJORITY of Russians trust the internet”, and only a tiny portion trust TelePutin.

Александр Величайший Всея Руси:

The truth is somewhere in between Western press and our own.


This poll was done for Putin

Давыд Миллер:

You yourselves are just lapdogs, puppets in the hands of people striving for power. They are manipulating you, promising to drive out the “thieves”, promising justice, money for all. Haven’t you noticed?

What do you think? Can you rely on the internet for information? Or do you distrust everything you read (even russiaSLAM!)?

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