Brothel Found Inside A Monastery In Moscow


A brothel has been found inside Sretenskiy monastery

In the Sretenskiy monastery in Moscow, the police have found a brothel, RIA Novosti reports, with reference to a source in law enforcement. According to the agency’s source, the brothel has no links to the church.

“We heard that one of our neighbours was working as a hotel where intimate services were performed. This has been reported on TV, and exposés have been broadcast. This place is in no way linked to the monastery”, Interfax was told in turn by one of the church’s workers. Life News notes that the building where the brothel was located was rented out by the monastery for seminars.

On the site of the capital’s police headquarters, a message appeared regarding the arrest of two prostitutes in a brothel on Rozhdestvenskiy Boulevard. They have been reported for administrative violations. The message states that the brothel called itself a hotel “for lovers”, and the cost for a room started at 1750 roubles [£35, 45€].

Now the police are thinking about whether to press charges for a criminal case under the article “Organisation of prostitution”.

Sretenskiy male monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Moscow. Its local representative is Archimandrite Tikhon.

Comments from Форум:


Not bad.


This is State Department trickery

Халяльный кролик: (responding to above)

At first, I read it as “This is the Lord’s trickery” )))


Lenta, why write such a provocative headline? Why mislead people?

Подпольщик Парамон:

[It’ll be the] nuns…

Гоп со смыком: (responding to above)

Very possible. I read an interview with the landlord of a Polish lingerie store. He said that amongst the customers that bought sexy lace, there were a lot of nuns (I know, they’re Catholic there), and if it weren’t for them, revenue wouldn’t be so good. This is despite the ordinance that they oughtn’t even wear a bra.


I don’t understand. Inside the monastery, or in a rented hotel?

Грязный Луи:

Is it a female monastery?

Б С:

I wonder how Tikhon gets there?!


A brothel. Pure chance. Opposite a monastery. Chance.


Great headline –))

So was it a brothel after all, or a hotel “for lovers”?
If so, you might as well close all hotels that lovers go to to fuck.


Better a decent brothel than any church.


You’re all laughing now, but you haven’t even thought how people are going to live in a monastery without a brothel if they close it.

What do you think? Should the monastery have been more careful?

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