“Luke the Apostle” Arrested Driving a Tractor in Moscow

From Lenta.ru:

In Moscow, Luke the Apostle has been arrested driving a digger

The police have arrested the driver of a tractor who turned out to have a fake driving licence in the name of Luke the Apostle. Interfax reported this on the 24th May quoting a source in law enforcement.

The man, a 45-year-old inhabitant of Domodedovo, near Moscow, was stopped on Varshavskii Chaussée. Traffic police were dubious about the veracity of his driving licence, the agency reports. It was later established that the man had printed it on a colour printer and laminated it.

RIA Novosti have clarified that charges have been brought against the driver for “knowingly using a forged document”. This article carries a fine of up to 80,000 roubles [£1,700, 2000€] or administrative arrest for up to half a year.

Comments from Lenta.ru:


How times have changed. Time was, you’d have been burned for this, but now it’s a fine.

Сергей Бочкин:

Freedom for the apostles! You don’t have the right, you’re offending the feelings of believers!

Малышев Константин:

Three years to him for offending the feelings of believers

Alex Scheglov: (responding to above)

Bit harsh. Just a little couplet, I reckon. [Note: this refers to an uncommon Russian word meaning two of something, used by Putin when describing Pussy Riot‘s sentence, and as such this comment is a reference to the Pussy Riot incarceration]

Яна Елисеева-Шрайнер:

The tractor man didn’t have a legal licence, but no-one can say he doesn’t have a sense of humour.

Александр Обухов: (responding to above)

They’ve taken the tractor man’s illegal licence off him for six months

Arsenii Sigiller:


Anthony Miles:

British scientists have identified the photo in the licences given out under the name of Luke the Apostle as King Arthur.

Asdasasfaf Asfasfasfsa:

I wonder what drove this guy to make up a licence like that

Александр Королев:

Yeah, they’re offending his religious feelings !! ))

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