Fine Of 20 Months’ Average Salary For Minor Traffic Offences

From Echo Moskvy:

500,000 [£10,000, 12,500€] rouble fine for running a red light or speeding

This is how the punishment for flagrant violations of the rules of the road should be, thinks Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister. This evening, he has made a number of announcements on his videoblog.

The head of the government explained that it is planned to increase administrative responsibility for road-users. This punishment will be more serious in Moscow and St. Petersburg than in other regions.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


These leaders are a tight circle, they’re seriously far from the people: they know neither what a rouble is, nor a salary.


I propose we stick people on a stake in public for these idiotic laws. We can do it even at night and broadcast it on videoblogs. Anyone against?

alexakimfaa: (responding to above)

I support it 100%

tolyar: (also responding to loran_)

“I propose we stick people on a stake in public for these idiotic laws.”
Running a red or breaking the speed limit are idiotic laws??? How about driving on the hard shoulder and on pavements???


We’re not talking about a ban, but ways to make people responsible. For them, 500,000 isn’t even pocket change, but it is for someone whose salary is 10,000 roubles [£200, 250€]


This is intolerable, just unbearable, vile, and sickening. What are we, all robots? Nobody ever makes a mistake? I’ve been fined for running a red, although I’d only just started to move when it was on the yellow before the green – a completely normal situation.

This is idiotism, instead of making life better, they ban “bad” acts. Idiots ((( […]


Besides, in Russia, the police can completely legally knock people down […]

[Note: the commenter is referring to an incident a few days ago in which a policeman who knocked over and killed a woman was acquitted of any wrongdoing.]


We’re just waiting for taxes on salt and matches.


Someone’s a complete cretin…


Moscow, what kind of government is this?!!


Yeah. I’ve started drinking

What do you think? Stiff punishment? Or long overdue?

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