Mayor Gives iPad to Athlete Without Arms

The mayor hands Vladislav the tablet

From Life News Online:

The Mayor of the town of Berezniki, Sergey Dyakov gave a tablet computer to a sportsman without arms

The head of the small town near Perm has awarded a tablet PC to a young man without arms, who won the disabled taekwondo world championship.

The world champion from Berezniki received an unusual present. At a reception, the governor gave the disabled man, who has lost both arms, an iPad.

The civil servant was not bothered by the fact that to use the device, at least one arm is necessary. He strongly insisted on handing the tablet to the sportsman until the awkward situation was smoothed over by the boy’s trainer.

The 17-year-old athlete Vladislav Krichfalushiy not long ago returned from South America. The world championship for disabled people in taekwondo took place on the island of Aruba. The young fighter took part in the large-scale event for the first time.

“It was a real test of endurance”, remembers coach Denis Anikeev. “Vlad and I spent a long time preparing for this trip so as not to lose face.”

Painstaking preparation for the competition paid off. Vlad took the championship belt from last year’s gold medalist in a clear cut fight.

“Vladislav’s rival was an athlete from Azerbaijan”, the trainer told Life News. “He had one hand, while Vadim [Note: short for Vladislav] is completely without, but he won despite this.”

Vlad Krichfalushiy lost both arms in early childhood. At the age of four, both limbs were burned by an electric shock. They had to be amputated.

Returning as a winner to his home town, Vlad an his trainer began to accept congratulations from friends and civil servants.

The most unusual present was given to the champion himself by the head of the town of Berezniki, Sergey Dyakov. The mayor decided to give him a tablet computer. At a reception with TV cameras present, he awarded it to the young champion.

“I know that you often travel abroad to different events”, Sergey Dyakov explained to Vladislav. “I think that a tablet will be useful for you, and you’ll quickly learn how to use it.”

To avoid offending the civil servant, the athlete promised that he would overcome this difficulty – he would learn to use the tablet with his feet.

Comments from Life News Online:


United Russia supporters are all like this! Harsh! It would be better if he gave the young guy a trip to the Maldives! And then go there themselves and never come back!


Well, at least it’s not a piano – this guy would probably give a blind person a TV.


We need to send our civil servants to the Emerald city – some for brains, some… for hearts.


Stunning!))) To those without arms, tablets, what next?
Those without legs, rollerskates; those who can’t see, TVs; those who can’t hear, MP3 players.
It’s the thought that counts, really.)))


100% incompetent civil servant.
Let him go out and sweep the streets!
If he doesn’t have any brains, then what is he doing in power?


Well, I don’t think that there’s any mockery in this gift, disabled people without arms do everything with their legs, and also with parts of their noses, that’s how your body adapts to conditions that approach the extreme and everyone knows. At this rate, you can find some kind of hidden meaning in everything, because in this case, everything is fine. The guy’s a hero, to keep on like this and not give up!


So are mayors becoming that blind? When he was giving the tablet, didn’t he see that in front of him that there was a guy without arms, and clearly understand that you need hands to use it! I don’t want to carry on, only swear words are coming out of my mind…


The cynicism of chinushi knows know bounds >_< It would have been better to give the boy a monetary prize.


Aha, and give a skipping rope to those without legs… a million apologies, but it seems to me that this is a mockery, it would have been better to give the guy a free operation and prosthetic arms.


Poor lad.


No comment!!!


Just what was he thinking, when he gave the tablet to the guy without arms?


Aha… meanwhile, in Soviet Russia…

What do you think? Well-meaning? Or a cynical jab?

Written by Joe Innes

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  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Oh the poor fellow better be good with his feet or the only thing that pc’ll be good for is a paper weight.

  • It’s not impossible to use a tablet with your feet. I have typed up and sent messages on mine with my feet before, so I know it’s possible. And he probably has much better dexterity with his feet than me.

  • Paul M

    *facepalm* “Well done on overcoming your disability and winning the championship, here’s a gift that will serve to highlight your disability”.

  • Madesu

    So what the commenters meant,the armless guy shouldn’t be given Ipad cause they definitely could not use it? WTF
    That’s the real mockery.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Sort of like giving Victoria’s Secret underwear to your Great Grandma.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Thought in extremely poor taste, at least the athlete could probably use it with his feet. Not that it offsets the awkwardness in this situation by any amount, lol

  • CCCP

    lol @ “Vadim [Note: short for Vladislav]”

    Those are two completely unrelated names.

    • Normally I’d agree, but the source quotes the trainer as calling him Vadim. Perhaps it’s a misquote?

      • CCCP

        Hmm, I just checked the original and indeed that’s what they wrote. The person who wrote the article probably wanted to write Vlad (which is the actual short form of Vladislav), but I guess he was thinking about something else at the moment when writing it and mixed it up with another name :/

  • Isaac Lufkin

    Dear anyone who is possibly reading this and thinking it’s difficult to do shit with no hands, I have no hands. No arms. I’m currently typing this with my feet and it only took like 1 or 2 minutes. On an iPhone 5. It’s easy believe me. Ik.