Russian Town Declares Independence From The Motherland

From National Democracy in Russia:

Domodedovan Rus’

The Republican Committee is an initiative undertaken by a group of local residents who have previously stated the need to create a Slavic Democratic Republic in Domodedovo, consequently leaving the current federal agreements with the Russian Federation and signing a new federal agreements.

The aim of the committee is not to damage the integrity of the Russian Federation, as there are already many national entities representing the interests of a number of peoples in Russia. However, they lack the autonomy that would allow them to represent their interests at federal level.

The founding of the Republican Committee is as a result of the interests of local residents and history, we are in fact talking about a revival of the Russian state that had its roots in Kiev Rus’, the first national revival of Rus’ in 800 years, after the occupation by the Golden Horde.

The flag of the Republican Committee

Comments from National Democracy in Russia:


Bravo, Domodedovo! Godspeed in your difficult task! We, simple Russians from the provinces, are with you!

shiropaev: (responding to above)

Pass this information on


Nice flag.

retif100: (responding to above)

Such a flag was adopted by the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, a variation on the theme of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, and UNA-UNSO.

Now, that flag hangs at the City Council in Ivano-Frankivsk.


It’d be easier to drive Moscow out of the Russian Federation, to save the rest.

ay53: (responding to above)

It’d be easier to drive a couple of hundred men out of the so-called “government”, and the rest of the assholes would run away themselves.

oldaleks: (responding to above)

Alas, drive 200 corrupt officials out of the Russian government, and the problem is still not solved. First, the corrupt ones are MUCH more than that, practically ALL of them. But the main thing is that Moscow has long become a New Babylon. For example, according to various sources in Moscow, there now live from a hundred thousand to half a million ethnic Azeris. They have offices in Moscow, housing, property, businesses, and often can be found in various major administrative and governmental structures (Ministry of the Interior, Attorney General’s office, etc.) Only the names Vagit Alikperova and Telman Ismailov give them away. Already, there are entire Azerbaijani enclaves with their own care centers, schools and so on. They are demanding guaranteed representation at local government level and federal level. The same can be said about the Armenians, Chechens, Dagestanis and many other members of our Federation. And they won’t leave Moscow. You can’t root out Dostum. They will only ‘be fruitful and multiply’ and increase their influence on life and the administration in Moscow and throughout Russia as a whole. Squeezing Russians out of all organisations, working with corrupt state officials at all levels. So there is only one way for the Russian people: the creation of their OWN National Republic (à la Chechnya), where they will SOMEHOW protect their interests. There is no other option!

mxmss: (responding to above)

Why don’t we teleport the Kremlin to the moon?

truechelovek: (responding to above)

I’d be up for that.

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