Nazi-esque Nationalist Posters Hung Up in the Moscow Metro


Nazi posters have appeared in the Moscow Metro

Posters for the “Great Russia” party have appeared in the Moscow Metro. The posters, as it turned out, almost completely imitate an image of Germany’s National-Socialist Party.

A two headed eagle and a married couple with children are depicted on the posters, writes Facenews.

“Empire is life” the poster says.

The image almost completely matches German National-Socialist Party posters, which Adolf Hitler used in the 1930s to motivate the “Volksdeutsche”.

Social network uses have commented on the poster, saying “Churchill was so right when he said that future fascists would call themselves antifascists”

Note: “Great Russia” is an unregistered party, advocating Russian nationalism.

As Obozrevatel [Note: a Ukrainian news agency] reported, internet users are actively discussing the slip up with the Russian flag during the March of Peace [Note: a march that took place in Moscow in support of peace between Ukraine and Russia.] At that time, two flags were planted on stage: Ukraine’s and Russia’s. The latter flew off the flagpole thanks to a gust of wind.

Comments from Obozrevatel:

Анна Джил:

So the German Nazis did manage to conquer Russia after all… “by hook or by crook” ))

Виталий Дробышев:

Glory to Russia!

Александр Соседка: (responding to above)

So the Russians are fucked then [note: the commenter uses a Ukrainian pejorative term for Russians meaning “goat-like”]

Геннадий Гордиевский: (also responding to above)

The important thing when screaming…is to not shit your pants…

Мак Сим:

The Double-headed Eagle and the TRADITIONAL family (not the faggots’ families) were in Rus before Hitler and AFTER Hitler. You don’t have to hook our symbolism to the boss of Galicia’s (note: a region of Ukraine) SS. By the way, this matter also concerns the Swastika which was around long before German Nazism, and still exists today.

Sergey Savchenko: (responding to above)

What are you talking about [Note: the comment is deliberately misspelled to suggest a Ukrainian accent]. Did Prokhanov [Note: a right-wing newspaper editor] tell you this?

Margorita Best:

Really? Have you been to Moscow? When you were young, didn’t your parents teach you not to tell lies? God sees everything.

Вольдемар Викторович:

I wonder, on which line of the metro??

Наташа Бурдужан: (responding to above)

On the “Obozrevatel” [Note: name of the news agency] line, where else? There are harsher posters than those. But they are usually torn down. And more likely it was just a small sticker, not a poster.

Roman Don Bass:

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