Save Christmas Trees – They Want To Live Too

From YouTube:

Christmas treеs want to live too

[The text at the end reads “Every New Year in Russia, over one million Christmas trees are cut down”. Also, while a ёлка is actually just a fir tree, Russians use them in the same way that Westerners use Christmas trees. However, as the main Russian winter celebration is New Year and not Christmas, the tree is more accurately a New Year’s tree. “Christmas tree” is a loose translation to give the basic sense, rather than a more accurate, although potentially confusing translation. Thanks to CCCP for highlighting this.]

Comments from YouTube:


What about the poor animals that the boots in the clip were made of, didn’t they want to live? What hypocrisy!


I can’t imagine a New Year without a real tree. They’re grown especially in nurseries. Every year, as many are planted as are cut down.


Christmas trees want to live too =)) Lets support the campaign for the protection of the forests of our planet! […]


Anyone who cuts down and sells Christmas trees is a fucker!


Instead of shoes, they should have shown severed feet.


The only thing I understood from this advert was that we need to cut down more trees before they start to cut us down. Grab your axe, cut down these green snakes!

Alen Olen:

Hey guys, where can you buy a live Christmas tree? :D


Yeah. This is undoubtedly Russia’s most serious problem. All they others have been resolved.


And how many potatoes have I eaten… do I need to be executed?


Great work. The idea, the filming, the directing.

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