Redneck Russian Family Relax on the Beach

From Pppirate’s LiveJournal:

A traditional family relaxing

In the heat, I was drawn to the pond

I went.

I bathed and watched people on the beach.

Tell me, why do 80% of tattooed women get them on their lower back? Getting a tattoo above your cunt isn’t the Orthodox way, but above your arse is fine?

Comments from Pppirate’s LiveJournal:


They’ve fucked up the whole coastline)


Somehow I get the feeling that you don’t love the motherland :)


I’ve got a tramp stamp too. But there’s a stupid story behind it. When I was a stupid schoolgirl, my mum, who was trying to be cool and not old-fashioned invited a tattoo artist to the house, and he did a tattoo on her mons pubis, and at the same time suggested that I get something “a bit prettier”. I haven’t been to the beach for a few years, and I’m thinking slowly of some way to get rid of this shit.

pppirate: (responding to above)

Do you and your mum have matching tattoos?)


I’ll tell you about the tattoo: there’s something for the guy to admire when he’s fucking her from behind.


Where did you find these pieces of shit?


She’s had a globe tattooed on her arse and now, after having sex with her, the feeling that he’s fucked the whole world won’t go away.


How can I unsee it? Not a single psychologist can help me now ))


They’ve fucked it all up!


You spotted the tattoos, but not that these pigs are sitting amongst rubbish?


Normal beach, normal people…

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