Russian Army Choir Sing the Skyfall Theme

Russian Army Choir

From YouTube:

Skyfall as sung by the Russian Army choir. A+ in the morning

Comments from YouTube:

Станислав Арнетт:

Class!!! :-)


Just clowns

Olga Pavlovskaja:

Yeah, the singers aren’t soldiers or officers! But they sing well! Softly and with feeling.


This is TV, so it’s all just a show. These are singers, soloists in uniform.

Alikhan Baisakalov:

Since when have you been allowed not to shave in the army? And he sings like a gay

вячеслав бодрых:

They look more like clowns than soldiers


Rockets are falling, groceries are getting more expensive, the country’s fucked – SO FUCKING WHAT? IT’S THE SKYFAAAAALLLLLLL!

Дмитрий Плотников:

I can’t even! I’m crying here

Anton Chernenko:

St. Petersburg TV is really shit


Where can I download this!!!???

Nikolay Laevsky:

At least there’s one good thing about our army.


Shame on our army’s choir for singing the soundtrack to a British spy film!

Евгений Путинцев:

I agree, this is shameful

Петр Миронов:

They can’t fight, let them sing))

Written by Joe Innes

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    I like their slight Russian accent, it adds an interesting tweak to their Skyfall rendition. In any case, they sing well beyond what I can do! But that’s to be expected, I suppose haha

  • Marcus Muller

    Jesus.. The whole thing I could do NOTHING but stare at those overtly large hats.. Quite a nice rendition though.

  • Anna Presman

    that’s by far not the most… erm… unique thing the Russian army choir did:

  • hambubger

    For an instant I thought it said Skyrim. Someday…