Riot Police Beat Football Fans after Victory in Premier League

From S Danilov’s LiveJournal:

On educating the senses

Comments from S Danilov’s LiveJournal:


What happened?

pharaon01: (responding to above)

From twitter: OMON closed the entrance to Manege Square, a few hundred fans crossed Tverskaya street, pelting an OMON bus with bottles.


Judging by the photos, they were pelting them with flowers.


Why in the centre?


Once they’d pelted the OMON bus with bottles, what reaction were the fans expecting??? Idiots


Well, at least someone’s still able to answer back. It’s a shame that there weren’t more OMON.

Further comments from Norvezhskiy Lesnoy’s LiveJournal:


Were they beating them up for nothing? Or did they do something?


Have the pigs got the right to beat people up?

gitikun: (responding to above)

No. Only the fans have got the right to beat the cops up.


What are they beating them for? Did they write comments on Kadyrov‘s Instagram?


Haha, next you’ll be telling me they were just walking along eating ice cream and SUDDENLY OMON!!! :)))


It’s not that I’m particularly unhappy, but what’s the reason for this conflict?


Football fans coming across a HOMO-parade

[Note: this is a play on words in Russian. The Cyrillic for OMON is ОМОН, much to Russian bloggers delight when reflections in windows etc render it as НОМО.]


Chimpanzees in camouflage are violently beating football chimpanzees with sticks

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