Football Fans Arrested After Participation in Mass Brawl


Fans Detained After CSKA-Spartak Derby Charged with Participation in Mass Fight

The trial, in fact, after long hold-ups, has finally begun. As one of the detainees told a Ridus correspondent, “participation in a mass fight” has been added to charges previously brought. However, the articles have remained the same – administrative. Half of the 13 detainees have already been convicted and sentenced to fines of 500 rubles. One of them was sentenced to days of arrest, but released “for time served”.

Among the detainees, let us recall, were 11 Spartak fans and two militarians. All of them were detained right after Sunday’s match, but each one separately, and in different “corners” of the relatively big Cherkizovsky Stadium. At first, each of the detainees was incriminated by a personal misdemeanor. In particular, as Vladislav Belov told a Ridus correspondent, he was taken after being accused of arson with a flare, however, he maintains that he didn’t use pyrotechnics. After he told a police employee about this, he was taken for insubordination. The same story occurred with the rest.

The fans spent over a day in the IAO Preobrazhenskoe cells, not having the ability to even lie down to sleep. The men were in the station until 7:00 p.m. on Monday, expecting a court summons. The guards of order explained their slowness to the fans as “crookedly designed” protocols, however, they declined to officially comment on the situation.

In total on Monday evening, September 23, the men were released to their homes on bail.

The next day all 13 fans were again called to court. As one of them told a Ridus correspondent, in each of the 13 administrative protocols which have been sent to court, “participation in a mass fight” was added written in pen overnight. By the police officers’ version, all the detainees after the match fought among themselves, didn’t respond to demands to stop the battle, and as a matter of fact, this was why they were arrested. However, the accuseds’ version has it that they all were detained in completely different places, and couldn’t have fought at all at that moment. It’s also worth noting that considering the balance of forces – 11 vs 2 – this wouldn’t’ve been a fight but an absolute massacre. Both of the accused CSKA fans deny participation in any fights.

But regardless of accuseds’ disagreement with the police’s version, the court session was reminiscent, like always in similar instances, of a conveyer belt. Additionally, the convicted did not express strong indignation regarding the court decisions. They were convicted, ultimately, all by that same Article 19 of the Code on Administrative Offenses (“insubordination”). However some of those convicted are going to protest the verdicts. Among the 13 initially detained, there is a third, smaller group, as Ridus found out – those who decided not to appear in court at all today. Juridicial forces do not have the documents that they signed in the police station. Well, today all were called to court by a phone call, and not by a summons…

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Did they need to distribute food stamps for increased supply?

Strelok: (responding to above)

Did they need to be put in jail only because they came to a soccer game?? Or did Uncle Policeman need to fill his quota?

bagimot: (responding to above)

They didn’t come to a soccer game
They came to get hit on their mugs and put their fists up.

Strelok: (responding to above)

Did they say it themselves?? They didn’t do anything.


Soccer fan = idol worshipper

Andrei Golyutin: (responding to above)

The same can be said about those who support any politician.

Molot: (responding to above)

Supporting a politician’s views is one thing. Blindly fanaticizing any time is stupidity and the empty killing of time, money, health, and as we have already seen in the instance with these gopniks, freedom. […]
The 2nd Commandment: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth…”

(The Bible, Book of Exodus 20:4)

Andrei Gulyutin: (responding to above)

I’m extremely glad that you read books. However, in this light, an important question needs to be asked: So what?

Molot: (responding to above)

Well, why not create a club of followers of Alexei Navalny’s left toe or fanatics of the nipple on Maria Sharapova’s left breast? Spartak fans and fans of the aforementioned are the same in essence – idol worshippers.

“From one blood he made all nations to inhabit the whole earth, and he allotted the times of their existence and boundaries of the places where they would live, so that they would search for the Lord and perhaps grope for him and find him – though indeed he is not far from each one of us. For ‘In him we live and move and have our being'”.(Acts of the Apostles 17:26-28)

Search for the Lord while it’s not too late for he shall soon send his judgements from heaven to the earth that has been corrupted by evil everywhere.

Andrei Gulyutin: (responding to above)

Many schizophrenics, if you know, are renowned for very peculiar conclusions in questions concerning the most diverse spheres. Additionally, in the process of proving their complex “theorems” they rush to the most different arguments, which are also always convincing. On the basis of these arguments they make a certain deeply thoughtful conclusion. However, in the end it turns out to be a schizophrenic’s nonsense. Why? Because someone mentally unwell came up with it initially. Do you seriously think that soccer fans are seriously bowing down to something? You are deeply mistaken. Soccer – and everything else – is an excuse. For what? This is, I see already, not for you to understand. No, far from it, not because you’re stupid. You simply don’t want to understand, that’s obvious. So what’s the point in trying to get blood from a stone?


Just what they need, soccer gopniks.

Andrei Gulyutin: (responding to above)

When you suddenly (God forbid of course) wind up in cells – the same exact thing will be written about you in comments. Aren’t you sad a bit early?

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