Depardieu Compares Putin to Pope John Paul II and Mitterand


Depardieu compares Putin to Pope John Paul II

Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu has shared his impressions of Russia with journalists, particularly of the city of Grozny, where the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov has given him a flat.

Depardieu was pleased by public order in the city, he said that even though people walk around with guns, nobody is blowing up embassies and marathons, and in general he likes it there. The actor has creative plans linked to the city: the shooting of his film “Turquoise”, in which he stars along with Liz Hurley.

The actor touched on Vladimir Putin as well, who he called his friend. According to him, Russia needs a man like Putin, who’s trying to give a little dignity back to people, and for Depardieu, Putin is on a par with John Paul II and Francois Mitterand, reports.

утёна на йух:

He’s not gone far enough. He should have compared him to Napoleon and Mahatma Gandhi: 1 Putin = 5 Napoleons and 3 Gandhis!!! Monsieur needs to be corrected, take his citizenship and his flat back …

Юный слесарь:

He didn’t compare him to a prophet?


What, in that he’ll rule until his death?


I particularly liked the phrase: “Putin … ‘s trying to give a little dignity back to people”


V. V. Putin is better than everyone else. You don’t need to make any comparisons with anyone.

Little Green Men from Alpha Centauri.


The cuckoo is praising the rooster for praising the cuckoo. (c)

[Note: this is a line from a fable in Russian, meaning mutual insincere flattery.]

Павел-1105: (responding to above)

Who is the cuckoo and who is the rooster?

Перец: (responding to above)

Putin‘s the rooster and Depardieu‘s the cuckoo)


Depardieu‘s a buffoon.


I’m downvoting. Everyone knows that Putin is Christ, not some sort of pope. Depardieu‘s just an ungrateful swine – Putin‘s given him citizenship, and Gerard‘s rude in reply, the worthless man.

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