Brigitte Bardot Could Apply For Russian Citizenship Too

Brigitte Bardot has threatened to join Depardieu in applying for Russian citizenship. Rambler has this article exploring her reasons for it.

From Rambler News:

Brigitte Bardot: Putin has done more for animal rights than all French presidents

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin has done more for animal rights than all of his French colleagues. This was the opinion expressed by the French cinema legend and famous animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot in an interview with a local newspaper. The actress said that she considers Putin very humane.

“Each time I ask him for something, in principle, he helps”, she said.

Earlier, Bardot issued an ultimatum to the government and the president of the republic Francois Holland. She has promised to apply for Russian citizenship if politicians don’t intervene in a scandalous situation at a circus in Lyon, where two elephants dying of tuberculosis are to be put down.

At the end of 2011, Bardot sent a thank you letter to Putin, thanking him for banning the import of harp seal pup skins in Russia and her customs union partners, Belarus and Kazakhstan. “I am eternally grateful to you, that you are always attentive to my appeals and I am disappointed that I don’t receive the same support in my own country, falling behind in animal rights protection issues”, Bardot underlined. “Dear Prime Minister, I wish you all the best in the coming months and years. Thanks to this, the very best Christmas present, I want to assure you of my respect and true friendship.

In January 2000, Putin sent a letter to the actress, in which he praised her actions for animal rights. The president also expressed his gratitude that she is not indifferent to Russia’s fate. “The image of Brigitte Bardot, protector of of disadvantaged members of the animal world, is as well-known in Russia today as her artwork as a cinema actress was once. She is the symbol of a whole generation”, he said.

Comments from Rambler News:

Игорь Иванов:

Not everyone keeps a clear head into their old age!

Кот Бегемот:

Putin’s plan is working! Forward, Russia!

Человек из прошлого:

“Putin has done more for animal rights than all French presidents”! And it’s true! Nowhere in the world do animals live so freely as in Russia, that’s why they’ve all come running to Moscow and are driving out the native population.

Кот Бегемот:

“Farewell, unwashed Russia,
Country of slaves, country of noblemen.”
Mikhail Lermontov has never been more relevant.

Наталья Явлюхина:

Animals protect animals

Песец Среднерусский:

He’s really done a lot for animals from the Caucasus. A bit less for Asian animals, but he’s promised to rectify the situation soon.

Антон Попов:

It’s only animals that he protects, animals have more rights and opportunities than citizens of the Russian Federation.

Перестаньте банить! Надоело заново регистриро:

“Each time I ask him for something, in principle, he helps”, she said. For example, a new fur coat, crocodile leather handbag.

Valentina Shevchenko:

The ban on the import of harp seal pup skins […] was completely to defend domestic producers.

Виктор Белов:

Pu always saves animals and helps them, they love him for it and call him Allah.


Here, we hunt and shoot stray dogs and cats. That’s how much love we have for animals.


Putin thinks about animals, but he doesn’t care about his people.

Михась Фридман:

In France, the president takes care of his people, in Russia, he takes care of the oligarchs.

Ваня Федотов:

He’s done more for animals than for people.

германская сумчатая крыса на царстве:

She loved it when Vova cut the heart out of a living deer

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