Bloggers Concerned About Putin’s “Strange” Voice

From Rambler News:

Internet users spot something odd in Putin’s New Year’s address: “speaking in a strange voice.”

Putin’s New Year address, the first after a four-year break, has caused a storm on the internet. But not because of the content, because of the form. Judging by messages on blogs and in forums, it seemed to lots o people that Putin was talking in a strange, “otherly” voice and not in his usual manner.

Comments from Rambler News:

Федя Долговязов:

The king isn’t real! Of course he’s not real, all the real ones were already drunk as skunks, the only one that stayed sober was the clone that looks least like him.

Катя Попова:

Have you nothing better to do than to listen and worry about whether it’s him or not…

Евго Древни:

What’s strange about this? He’s a little under the influence, that’s why his voice has changed. When you’ve knocked back 100 grammes [of vodka] a couple of times, does your voice stay the same?

Ю рий:

I don’t know… I’ve NEVER listened to Putin…

Миша Шлагбаум:

On hearing that sound, I turned off the TV and turned it back on when they showed the chiming.

Человек из прошлого:

It’s not just his voice that was strange.

Ю рий: (responding to above)

He himself is a bit strange!


I thought he was going to start squeaking like a rat too!

Олег Викторович Думбрава:

His voice was fine, it’s Pu’s voice. I recommend that the bloggers drink less…

Дмитрий Половинкин:

Yeah, this is a twin, he’s got three, maybe more. It’s stupid to think that one man can be everywhere at once.

Федоров Михаил:

Difficult to keep a cool head when you’re balancing on the top of Spasskaya tower.


The president’s ill, what’s not clear?

Кирилл Гивоев:

So is it a twin or what?

G F: (responding to above)

More likely than not.

СЕРЁЖА серёжин:

Looks like Putin’s long gone with his trillions of dollars. And in his place is a twin.

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