Chief Medical Officer: “Holidays Harmful to Russians’ Health”

From Echo Moskvy: :

Gennadiy Onischenko believes that the May holidays are harmful

“We shouldn’t be taking so much time off, it’s an outrage”, the chief medical officer of the country said live on Echo Moskvy. In his words, rather than using the time actively, Russians “gobble doughnuts lying down in front of the TV.” “You can tell by the disfigured waistlines you can see when people take their coats off”, Onischenko added, “It’s the pinnacle of laziness – spiritual and physical.” The head of Rospotrebnadzor noted that men are more likely to spend the holidays in front of the TV. In his words, the people that do that at home are doomed to die out.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Gennadiy Onischenko believes that the May holidays are harmful” but the January ones are healthy …


There’s something scary about the photo of Gennadiy Onischenko you’ve put with this news, Echo. Like some sort of ghoul … ugh … change it for a more human-looking one.

vengel: (responding to above)

You can see all illnesses and defects on a person’s face.


I wonder if there’s a psychiatric evaluation before the appointment to the post of chief medical officer of the Russian Federation.


Who actually gets to rest on these days? :)




What kind of life is this! The alpha-crane knows how we should live and is leading us God knows where. The Gosdumba comes up with these “great” laws while its members are sneaking around filling their pockets. And this … ghoul is telling us what’s harmful, when to relax and when to work … absolute idiot.


Civil servants gobble up doughnuts, normal people work.


News about the harmfulness of Onischenko


Just – a villain.

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