Gunfight over Cash Machine Queue in Yekaterinburg


A shooting has taken place in an Yekaterinburg shopping centre over a queue for an ATM

One man was injured as a result of the shooting at one of Yekaterinburg’s shopping centres.

As “Interfax” reports, the incident occurred in the morning of the 18th of May at the “Kit” shopping centre, 65 Amundsen street. The reason for the shooting was an argument between a young man and two brothers in a queue for an ATM.

During the argument, the [young man] sprayed pepper spray into the face of one of the brothers and tried to escape to the second floor. There, the second brother caught up with him, at which point the young man drew a PMT traumatic pistol, and opened fire at random. As a result, the second brother received firearms injuries in his cheek and thigh.

The shooter escaped from the scene of the crime, but returned soon after to offer first aid to the victim. There, he was detained by security and the police who had arrived. The wounded man was hospitalised.

The weapon was confiscated from the attacker. It turned out that it was officially registered. The gunman himself is in custody. It is known that he was planning on celebrating his birthday on Saturday.

Law enforcement organisations are deciding whether to press charges under article 111 of the Russian Federation (Grievous Bodily Harm) or under article 213, (Hooliganism).

Comments from

апвыапывап ыаыаафыва:

If it’s not someone from the Caucasus, this isn’t interesting. We’re waiting for the names

MEDVED IZ_LESA: (responding to above)

Well who else would attack two on one?

Глеб Оглоблин:

Decent guys used to fight with their fists.

Наум Приходящий: (responding to above)

Two against one? A street fight isn’t a boxing ring, you can lose your health in a moment, so in a situation where two gopniks try to hurt me, I’ll punch and shoot and slash however I can.

Михаил Боярский: (responding to above)

And then go to prison, and pay compensation to the disabled gopnik.


Should have beaten him with the pepper spray

Дмитрий ТМН: (responding to above)

How, spraying his internal organs?

kozel vonucy: (responding to above)

Spraying his balls

Сергей Ирхужин:

Classic example of self defence.

Михаил Боярский:

He shouldn’t have wasted money on a pistol, he should have taken out a credit card. Then, he wouldn’t have had to stand in a queue for an ATM, he could have gone straight to the shop to pay. And now, he’s having a very quiet birthday celebration.

Борис Борисов: (responding to above)

Question – how would he get his money out?

Shnobby: (also responding to previous commenter)

Obviously the kiosk where he’d decided to buy his birthday beer don’t take cards :-)

Иван Першиков:

Before buying or making a weapon, think, in a crisis situation, what’s going to control your actions: emotion or cold reason. If it’s the first, then a weapon will lead you to jail or to the grave.

Михаил Боярский: (responding to above)

That’s exactly why we can’t legalise firearms. We’d start shooting at any excuse, there’s absolutely no weapons culture among the people here.

Иван Першиков: (responding to above)

It’s not about culture, it’s about you yourself. If you can’t handle your emotions in a crisis, you are their slave, and they’ll never lead you to good. It’s best if people like that don’t have weapons at all. Just avoid alcoholics at night and keep yourself in check when you’re talking to people.

Михаил Боярский:

The majority of people here are like that. That’s why we can’t sell weapons.

Сергей Артюхов: (responding to above)

All this over who was standing first in the queue …

MEDVED IZ_LESA: (responding to above)


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