Internet Comedy Site Lurkomore Under Fire Again

From Echo Moskvy:

Fresh calls for internet encyclopedia Lurkomore to be shut down

This time, the Chechen Interior Ministry have seen material on the site aimed at inciting social, racial, and national hatred, information about methods of committing suicide and growing drugs. Lurkomore was added to a list of banned sites by the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Mass Media and Communications after a complaint by the Federal Drug Control Service. The agency was unhappy about an article about cannabis on the site. This caused a significant response from the public. After the article in question was blocked, Lurkomore was removed from the blacklist.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


When will Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” be banned? There’s a student there who [kills] an old lady with an axe (clearly with motives of class/social hatred)


Once they’ve chased down Lurkomore’s users, they’ll start grinding away at the whole internet!


We need to protect the good name of the Russian hero Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov!

[Note: Kadyrov is head of the Chechen republic and a former Chechen rebel]


There aren’t enough churki yet that they can start setting up their own rules here.


Haven’t they already banned YouTube there?


They need to ban the internet altogether, it evil and incites HATRED. The mass media as well, they only cause problems and teach evil. Only our Duma cares about us …


In 1905, there was no internet or TV … Maybe we should ban people from talking to each other?

[Note: the Russian revolution took place in 1905]


That’s why the new law was passed about the internet, so that every bastard who doesn’t like an article about themselves on the internet can shut the site down. A murderer and a criminal is demanding the law be carried out.


It’s not Lurkomore that need to be shut down, it’s Kadyrov and his cronies.


Obviously! There’s “stuff” about Ramzan there! And there’s a video of him scratching his balls!

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