Blind 10th Grader Urges Putin to Adopt Disabled Children


A blind 10th grader from Rostov has called upon president Putin to adopt children with disabilities himself

After president of Russia Vladimir Putin adopted and signed the “Dima Yakovlev” law, people are calling on the head of state and MPs who voted for the ruling to set an example by adopting children with disabilities. Blind 10th grader Natasha Pisarenko is among those who have responded to this “anti-orphan” act.

Via her LiveJournal, the girl tells the story of her illness, which Russian doctors were unable to spot, but German and American medics discovered and promised to treat.

“Your wisdom does not take into account one thing: that among children in orphanages there are children with disabilities, who do not live long due to severe congenital diseases – their best case scenario is surviving to the age 20, and then die” – wrote Natasha. “They are dying because there is no modern medical care in Russia. These cripple kids are just stuck in their orphanage beds, waiting … “

The girl called for the head of state to come to his senses and realise that “the Russian government does not have money to treat children.” “Mr. President! Surprise us with one more of your wise ideas – adopt five to ten abandoned children with severe congenital diseases, and we will follow your example”, she added.

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They’re saying this is just political agitation and there’s no such girl

Andrey Nikitin:

[Lead] by personal example!


The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare will consider this post extremist and block access to it …


This is probably the same as what happened with Kargapoltsev. Children have become bargaining chips for the opposition now. That’s where the real scoundrels are!

[Note: Kargapoltsev is an orphan who was incorrectly reported to have written a letter to Vladimir Putin about the anti-adoption law.]


The opposition have gone completely rabid. We need to protect orphans from them as well now.


Tell me, how much time and money has been spent on a post on LiveJournal, especially if it is political agitation? With the amount of time and resources, could many children have been saved?)
And another question: Why hasn’t the time and funds spent on building 12 residences for Putin been used to help children? Or are the stories about cranes and vases all ways of helping orphans, disabled people and furthering investment in social programs?
Tell me, I really want to know.


What will they say next? The LiveJournal account has been hacked and that Natasha didn’t write this post?

галина козьмина:

What a clever girl. She writes so well. Whether she wrote it herself or not, time will tell. What does her guardian say?

Людмила А.:

Already by 10th grade …


Storm in a teacup.


The villains should be held responsible for their actions! Particularly those at the top of the government.

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