Longest Kebab In The World Cooked in Kazan

From Lenta.ru:

Longest Kebab Cooked in Kazan

In Kazan, they have managed to cook the longest shashlik in the world. As Itar-Tass reported on the 5th October, the shashlik was 180 metres long.

The organisers of the event, which took place as part of Kazan’s Euro-Asia Expo 2013, are hoping that the achievement will make it into the Russian records book, and the Guinness Book of World Records, representatives of which were at the event. The shashlik itself was given to the orphans of the Nurlatsk region of Tatarstan.

About 200 people took part in cooking the shashlik. In total, it took 200 kilos of meat and 500 kilos of coal to prepare. The chef began marinating it the day before the event itself

The organisers of the event pointed out that its characteristic feature was the use of halal meat in accordance with Islamic law. According to them, nobody else in the world has ever made a record shashlik from this sort of meat. The organisers point out that that the event will help the popularity of halal products regardless of their faith.

Previous record shashliks were cooked in Yoskar-Ola (where it measured 157 metres), Kiev and Riga (150 metres), and also Ivanovo (140 metres) and Karachaevo-Cherkesiya (120 metres)

Comments from Lenta.ru:

Elena Gilbert:

Kazan’s a decent town.

SAS Bravo:

Russia’s future. Instead of scientific discoveries, halal meat shashlik.

Ptaah Love:

Thanks, but I’m a vegetarian.

Völkischer Beobachter:

It’d be better if they said where the sheep were slaughtered.

Округ Инфо:

How do they make halal meat? Do they use halal pigs, the meat from halal pigs? Pigs which have been feed according to the basics of sharia law?

Apologet Insane:

Barkallah Markallah Swinonabad!

Игорь Кузнецофф: (responding to above)

Hey man, why are you saying such unpleasant things? If you don’t like shashlik, don’t eat it! Just sit and drink your tea!

Владимир Казак:

Oh, I’d eat the whole thing with a beer today.

Write Through: (responding to above)

Ain’t that the truth!

tokeru By:


Епифанов Иван:

This is how victory will be ours!


MY shashlik is 180m long. Jealous?


I’m proud of Russia!

Александр Галко:

They can sign up for the longest skewer record at the same time

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