Record Broken as 1000 People Ski in Swimsuits

Bikini boarding


Mass downhill skiing in bikinis

On Saturday, hundreds of half-naked skiers and snowboarders took part in a downhill skiing on Zelyonaya mountain in the Kuzbass. This was reported by RIA Novosti on Saturday.

One of the organisers of the “naked descent”, Konstantin Koshin told the news agency that about a thousand people took part in the event. So, the people that took part have set a new world record, and may get into the Guinness Book of Records. We note that the previous record was set in Canada, where 250 people took to the slopes in their swimsuits.

Initially, it was expected that about 500 people would take part in the unusual event, but the number of people who wanted to come down from the mountains half naked turned out to be an order of magnitude greater. “There (were) definitely 700, but it’s possible that there were more than 1,000 even,” said Koshkin.

According to him, the skiers were dressed in shorts and swimsuits, and came down as one massive flow.

The man also told the agent that there were judges all the way down, and all videos and photographic images have been notarised. Now, the materials will be sent to London, where experts should acknowledge the new record.

According to the organisers, this achievement will reestablish Sheregesh as one of the best ski resorts in Russia.

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Bloody brilliant!


What beautiful girls! Thank God they didn’t join Femen!


Yeah, this is just great, THANK YOU




The girls are pretty. The dude in the last photo in the chav hat and the number on his back really brought it.

Фрол: (responding to above)

What did he bring? Where did he bring it? Why do you think that he works in the delivery services?


Why have all these people on the beach got snowboards??!


Tell me, are those red polka dot trousers being sold there or something? Look at the third photo from the bottom.

Товарищ (hz700):

The girls should have come down just wearing one part of their bikinis


Where are the ROC? This is satanic fun.


Great tits. Brilliant flashmob!

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  • PixelPulse

    Pretty cool, looks like someone ps snow.

  • 湖醫生

    F*ck, go hire a better translator! The sentence “Вот красивые девчонки! Слава Богу, в Femen не пошли!” means “These are beauties! Thanks God they didn’t enlist Femen!”, not the “What beautiful girls! Thank God Femen didn’t show up!”. For Christ’s sake, is it a foreigner who translates it? Overall, the other parts are sloppy as well :/

    • markus peg

      It’s not such a big deal, the meaning comes across and that’s what matters the most.

      • mr.wiener

        It would be better if they were members of “Femen” anyway. 1000 topless skiers Woohoo!