Medvedev: “Poor People in Russia Thrice as Rich as in the 90s”


The poor in Russia are thrice as rich as in the 90s

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has told the Labour Ministry that the “level of poverty, if we compare it with the 1990s, has decreased threefold. All of this is directly related to the general improvement of the labour market and the continuing increase in the population’s income”.

“We must acknowledge that the income (of Russians) is growing, despite the situation in many other countries”, said the head of the government in the country where income is continuing to grow.

Everything could have been even better if not for the worldwide crisis in 2008-2009: “We have not achieved what we could have due to these conditions”.

Medvedev is confident that poverty will continue to decrease, “social standards” will increase, and “life in general” will improve. Therefore, it is necessary now to ensure we do not take this for granted and the government’s main task will be the “gradual improvement of the labour remuneration system”: the Russian prime minister has directed the Labour Ministry to prepare methodical recommendations for developing an improved standardised labour system.

“New Region” recalls that when even back Medvedev was not prime minister but president, he stated that the official poverty level in Russia was the “lowest in the whole history of new Russia”, but it was “still quite high”. But the poverty level then was “significant” and “needed to be lowered to the maximum possible”. Which, subsequently, has happened…

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I wonder who #Pathetic was talking about when he said “Russians”

Эрик Картманез: (responding to above)

Actually, Medvedev is right, if you convert into dollars, in 1990, teachers were paid $80-100, and there was a 3-4 month delay in payment. Now, teachers receive $800 per month. So I would say that the poorest levels of society have become 5-8 times richer compared to the 90s

Балу: (responding to above)

Hm, well he was talking about poor people, not teachers … and he was talking about even poorer people. So I think that his calculations are much closer to the truth. But I don’t think it’s worth resting on our laurels. We need to continue to improve life.


This prime minister has broken away from the real life of Russians.


This is a foreword. For the bestseller “United Russia‘s History”.


Wow, I’m so happy, it’s good that he said something because I haven’t noticed it myself.


It would be better if he’d counted how much more civil servants are embezzling. Since the 90s.




And does our gracious prime minister not want to take inflation into consideration?

Эрик Картманез: (responding to above)

If they hadn’t considered it, then they wouldn’t have written 3, but 10-20 times richer.


The poor people here are clearly civil servants … The rest of the population are the real poor ones.


Ridus is going further and further into a parallel universe.


How strange that this coincided with the declaration of civil servants’ salaries. )))

What do you think? How have poverty levels changed since the 90s where you are?

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