Mopeds to Require Special Licence in Russia


The letter ‘M’ to designate moped drivers

In order to drive a moped, scooter, or quadbike you will need to be at least 16, to have learned the rules of the road, and to sit an exam. The State Duma passed this law on Friday at the second reading, and it will have its final approval this week.

A new category of transport will be created, the ‘M’ category, with the working capacity of the engine no greater than 50ccs with a top speed of no more than 50 km/h, and those who are 16 will only be allowed to ride it after studying, learning the rules of the road, and passing an exam.

‘Behind the Wheel’ explain that holders of other licence types will not need to pass an exam to be able to use vehicles in this category.

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When are they going to do this with bikes and wheelchairs?


Finally! It’s rare that such a sensible law gets passed. What does it matter how many ccs an engine has? The main thing is that it drives on the ROAD. In order to drive on the roads (even bikes) you need to know and follow the highway code and be responsible for breaking it. I fully approve.

drshpak: (responding to above)

If it’s more ccs, then you need a category A licence, everyone, without exception.

Vascom: (also responding to previous commenter)

The pavement is a part of the road. Are you suggesting all pedestrians should have a test? :) A licence for scooters is fine, but for bikes it’s just stupid.

Змей Горыныч:

Lots of people who’ve lost their licence for drink driving will have to become pedestrians again, or they’ll have to buy battery-powered bikes :)


Pfft, everyone will carry on like before, without licences.

Эрик Картманез: (responding to above)

‘Pfft, nobody will wear a seatbelt (c) Rednecks’


Long overdue, good decision


My friends, there are a few tendencies towards limiting citizens, and I wonder how long it will be before Russian citizens burdened with a penis will have to take courses and receive permission to use it, what do you think?

Такой вот Я: (responding to above)

And those who use it without permission will lose half of it.


Good. Schoolboys on their hairdryers-on-wheels are always causing accidents.

LaY_zzz: (responding to above)

A lot of drink drivers ride mopeds too, which causes even more


But did Behind the Wheel explain whether I can drive a category M vehicle if I’ve lost my category A & B licence? Is category M going to be separate from our current licence?

yarilo: (responding to above)

I’ve got another question, if they catch you drunk on a moped, will they take your car licence?

Darka: (responding to above)

If you’re drunk, you shouldn’t sit behind the wheel at all, even a bike’s wheel.


We also need licences for rollerblades, [unpowered] scooters, skates, and skiis.

Darka: (responding to above)

For some people, yes.

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