Man Chains Son to Radiator over Herbal Highs


A Muscovite handcuffed his son to a radiator for smoking “spice

A Muscovite has handcuffed his son to a radiator after he found he had been smoking “spice“. The 17 year old boy, a member of the Olympic reserve school, called the police a day later and said that he was handcuffed to a radiator and couldn’t eat or drink. Local police were sent to the boy’s home on Aminevskiy Chaussée, where the victim’s older brother opened the door.

It was discovered later that the boy had already tried to run away from home twice due to his father’s harsh treatment. At the moment, a decision is being made about instigating a criminal case under the law on torture, according to the capital’s Interior Ministry headquarters.

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Why would a normal person smoke weed, even if people smoke it all around the world?


It’s normal for teenagers to want to be cool. […]


People here are pretty one sided. Probably the dad drove him to such a state that he needed to escape his problems and started using spice. It’s the dad that needs to be blamed, not the son.

Товарищ (hz700):

A bit too radical, but in principle this is the right way to deal with it


Olympic reserve … well, that explains everything.

scratch2010: (responding to above)

What does it explain?

Ru_su: (responding to above)

He already said – EVERYTHING.

scratch2010: (responding to above)

Hm, yeah, that says a lot.


He did right!


Utter rubbish. Would “daddy” want to be castrated for drinking beer, for example? Convict him, and take away his parental rights, no questions.


But what parental rights does he have if the lad is 17 )))


“The […] boy … called the police a day later and said that he was handcuffed to a radiator and couldn’t eat or drink.” I don’t know whether to cry or laugh over this sentence.

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