Moscow Metro Ceiling Collapse Five Days After Opening

From Komsomolskaya Pravda:

Part of the ceiling has collapsed at the new Moscow metro station “Pyatnitskoye Chaussée”.

There were no injuries.

On Wednesday 2nd January, at 20:22 Moscow time, part of the ceiling collapsed at the new Moscow metro station “Pyatnitskoye Chaussée”. The northern vestibule had to be temporarily closed for passenger entrance and exit.

No-one was injured as a result of the incident. The metro’s press-service pointed out that the collapse of the ceiling happened at the cash desks, and not in a passenger area, says “Interfax”.

We recall that the 188th station of the capital’s underground, “Pyatnitskoye Chaussée”, opened its doors on the 28th December 2012. Building work began in the summer of 2011, and its main architectural attraction is the arched ceiling of its black and white vestibule.

Comments from Komsomolskaya Pravda:


It’s necessary to report who built it, who managed it, and how they’ve been punished. It’s time for us to know who “the heroes of our time” are.

Гость №2349:

Great! It was open for three whole days.

Jurij Walt:

They’re playing with words… “part of the ceiling COLLAPSED”!!! A few tiles fell off, if they’d written it in smaller letters then no-one would have even noticed, but like this, it’s sensational!!!

Гость №699:

It’s the metro, we’re helpless down there if something starts to fall off. So when the whole ceiling falls off, it’ll be too late to make a fuss about it, it’ll just be necessary to carry the bodies away.
By the way, it happened in St. Petersburg, the cover over the metro station entrance collapsed.

[Note: in 1999, seven people were killed when a concrete archway fell down over the entrance to a St. Petersburg metro station.]

Гость №4726:

They need to build it stronger.


That’s what the whole country’s like!! Just nobody can see it clearly, their eyes need cleaning!!

Не нра:

If you don’t like the country – leave.


They’d build Stalin a factory in a day! This was under construction for a long time, and it’s not very good quality!


Devil take me! The metro is a primary strategic site!! It should be able to withstand bombs! But the ceiling’s fallen off this place after five days just like that.


Kickbacks were given – there wasn’t enough money left for quality. As always…

Гость №7367:

In the Soviet times, they would have written it like this: “A tiny little bit of tile has come off”, but this is a different scale – “part of the ceiling collapsed”, as though something really did collapse…

Гость №9011:

It’s a modern building after all! 21st century!

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