Russian Netizens Unimpressed by New Salaries for MPs


MPs’ monthly salary increases to 250,000 roubles [£4,800, 5,750€]

In relation to a presidential decree on increasing monetary compensation for federal ministers, State Duma MPs also saw an increase in their salary. Now, their recompense will reach 250,000 roubles per month. The sum includes incentives and bonuses.

Their compensation is supposed to have increased from 32,900 [£630, 750€] to 51,800 [£1,000, 1,200€] roubles, while financial bonuses in turn from 128,000 [£2,500, 3,000€] to 202,000 [£3,900 4,700€], Interfax reports, quoting a source in the lower house of parliament. Meanwhile, the head of press relations Yuri Shuvalov confirmed an increase in MPs’ salaries, but did not give an exact sum. The politicians themselves have not yet confirmed an increase in their salaries.

We recall that MPs were expecting an increase in their salaries after the increase in remuneration of federal ministers, who have begun to receive 51,800 roubles per month. [£1,000, 1,200€]

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So what?


Good chance to use that photo…


They can’t eat with 10 throats, they need 20.


Well, prices are increasing everywhere. That means salaries should go up

izyra: (responding to above)

Well, not everyone’s, just bureaucrats. They have it hardest, after all.


I hope they choke on that money.


If a normal person in a poor country received a salary like this, then it’d be shameful… Evidently, it’s not a salary, but a payment for unquestioning obedience…

Одиссей”: (responding to above)

I’ll say again, it’s a long time since “MP” has been an honourable title. :-)))


Tomorrow’s news will be that the average salary in Moscow and the whole of Russia has increased


What’s their salary for anyway?




Putin‘s right, you’ve gotta feed the lackeys…


Why do they need a salary like that if they’re fully supported by the state?


Need more gold!!!

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