Survey Says More Than Half of Russians Trust The Police

From Echo Moskvy:

More than half of Russians trust the police and have positive feelings towards its employees

This was revealed by a survey carried out by the Public Opinion Fund, and the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion, a representative from Russia’s Interior Ministry press office told journalists today. “According to the law ‘About the police’, one of the main criteria for evaluating the internal affairs organisations is public opinion. Surveys of citizens are carried out regularly on the orders of the Russian Interior Ministry, and a number of organisations that specialise in such surveys carry them out on their own initiative. Of course, these figures are not the last word on the matter, and only constitute a representative sample, but in general, they give an idea of what Russians think about the Interior Ministry”, noted the agency’s representative.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Oh how we laughed …


Someone’s gone mad!
When I see the police, I cross over to the other side of the road, as do the majority of my friends!

mikhail_sannikov: (responding to above)

My dad recommended I do this when I was still a teenager, ie 40-45 years ago.


… until there’s evidence of the independence and integrity of the organisations carrying out these studies, it’s impossible to believe any of their conclusions!


More than half – is that 146%?

[Note: the commenter is referring to Rostov Oblast’s election results, which seemed to show that 146% of the electorate turned out to vote]


And where have they found this “large” half?


Russians particularly feel positive about the traffic police and the investigative committee, and its leadership personally.

[Note: these organisations are generally seen as the most corrupt of the police departments.]


Was the study carried out amongst the police and their sympathisers? Who else would trust these scumbags?!


You can even carry out surveys in jails.


Just more lies


Even if you only asked policemen, the percentage of those who trust them would still be lower.


I communicate with cops every day. The vast majority of them do not trust their colleagues.

What do you think? Are the police in your country trustworthy? Or do you avoid them wherever possible?

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