Head of Police in Russia “Falls” from Sixth Floor Balcony

From Echo Moskvy

The Major General of the Interior Ministry Boris Kolesnikov has fallen from the 6th floor of the Investigative Committee building

The official story is that it was suicide. However, the wife of the former vice-president of the anticorruption department of the Interior Ministry believes he was killed. Muscovite lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin believes that the blame lies with his security detail’s negligence.

According to the lawyer, the unscrupulous law enforcement agents could be brought to trial. The Investigative Committee have begun an investigation.

We add that Boris Kolesnikov, who was accused of taking bribes, was one of the youngest Interior Ministry generals. He was only 36 when he was arrested.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


Evidently the experiments with champagne bottles [Note: a reference to an old case in which police officers were found guilty of torturing a suspect by introducing a champagne bottle into his rectum] is continuing at the General’s level. What goes around…


“The official story is that it was suicide.” But who believes that. Ha ha x3


The bloke just forgot to put his parachute on. It can happen…


Maybe he decided to fly to the Crimea?


It’s all very sad. But the general learned who the system really works.


Russia is a criminal state.


Conclusion: don’t mess with the Cheka!


Of course, you shouldn’t mess with the KGB. But Mr KGB has taken over all of Russia.


He refused to “drink champagne” Kazan style!


He knew too many…

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