Ukrainian Arrested Trying to Escape his Wife on a Tractor


Ukrainian man tries to leave his Russian wife on a tractor

The Ukrainian citizen, having argued with his Russian wife, tried to leave for the motherland on a tractor, Interfax reports. The border police at Kharkovsk stopped the intoxicated 48-year-old as he tried to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border.

The press secretary of the Kharkovsk border force Aleksandr Moskvin said that this incident took place on a “green” part of the border (a part of the border between customs control points) in the Kharkovsk Oblast. The arrested Ukrainian citizen lived up until this point with his common-law wife, a citizen of Russia, in one of the border villages in the Belgorod Oblast.

“Having argued with his lover, the man decided to go back home to Ukraine. Having necked a fair amount of vodka, he couldn’t come up with anything more intelligent than ‘riding’ his father-in-law’s steel horse”, Aleksandr Moskvin commented.

The tractor he had stolen from his father-in-law was seized, and the man was detained pending a court decision. There is no information about the reaction of his family, including his common-law-wife, to the event.

A few days ago, on the 28 August, the border police in the Lugansk Oblast arrested three Russians who were illegally crossing the Ukrainian border on a tractor. The men did not have any documents with them and were intoxicated on alcohol. The MTZ tractor, it turned out, belonged to one of the immigrants, a 29-year-old resident of the Belgorod Oblast.

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Сергей Тростьянский:

Peter Pig in real life [Note: Peter Pig is an old children’s cartoon character, famous for driving a tractor.]

Yury Solovyov: (responding to above)

You hit the nail on the head

Hanss: (also responding to previous commenter)

Mmhmm. Seems to be a trend…

Hanss: (responding to above)

Shame I don’t have a tractor

Bean: (responding to above)

MTZ: “There are enough tractors for everybody!”



Базелевсъ Лебедевъ:

Peter Pig is very relevant. Now, they’ll chase down the Ukrainian and start a kerfuffle about racial discrimination. His wife was clearly the Dog [Note: another character from the Peter Pig cartoon]


The Ukrainian tried to escape his Russian wife on a “Belarus” tractor.

костя костя:

So, turns out he’s a Ukrainian. Funny, he’s being crucified by his own (thinking he was a Russian)

De Niel:

It’s time to close down the borders. Look, they’re chasing down villagers left, right, and centre. What can they check that ends up being criminal?

Андрей Крылов: (responding to above)

Not criminal? Then who stole the tractor?

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