Snowballs Banned By St. Petersburg Police


St. Petersburg police ban snowballs

Today, police in St. Petersburg have successfully thwarted mass crimes. Two particularly dangerous criminals were arrested for playing in the snow.

Snowball fight 3

About a hundred people, like last year, came to the “Snow Battle” flashmob. They were divided into two teams, light hats and black hats. But, this time, the “Snow Battle” was not to be. The brave police of St. Petersburg banned the event, and insistently asked all those gathered on the Field of Mars to disperse.

Snowball fight 2

All of the participants were warned that participating in an unsanctioned event could result in their arrest and fines up to 10-20,000 roubles [£200-400, 250-500€].

Snowball fight 4

But despite the fact that the youths did not particularly want to disperse. Some decided to have fun in small groups, throwing snowballs and rolling about in the snow banks. The police didn’t like this at all. It ended with the arrest of several participants.

Snowball fight 5

Now, in St. Petersburg, it’s better not to roll about in snow banks or throw snowballs at one another.

Snowball fight 6

They didn’t even disarm the offender. And what are they all looking at?

Snowball fight 7

Unfortunately for those that were arrested, St. Petersburg’s courts have also managed to outdo themselves, just like the police. For the “Pillow Fight” flashmob in June, some of those arrested had to pay fines of 10 and 15,000 roubles [£200-300, 250-375€] – So now, they are really under threat of fines of many thousands of roubles for their harmless winter games.

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You can’t play in the snow?

Proletarij: (responding to above)

Why? You may – in pairs. And they need to ban gathering in kitchens. That’s where revolutions start.

Федя7: (also responding to previous commenter)

You can, but if you’re organising a flashmob, you need to agree it with the authorities so that they can send a doctor and a couple of cops. Otherwise, if something happens to someone, are you going to answer for it?


Oh, this is 1937 all over again.

vlandin: (responding to above)

Stuck in 1937. No, sir, this is much worse: then, the people were punishing those that were exploiting the country, now, the latter are taking their revenge and punishing the people for their love of freedom, and lack of desire to be obedient slaves.

cosmo: (responding to above)

In 1937, they were probably allowed to play in the snow…


now they’re going to collect children and their parents from playgrounds, because that’s “unsanctioned action by the authorities” too.

Товарищ (hz700):

“The law is harsh, but it is the law”. The amendments to Russia’s administrative code have been adopted – live with it. But, really – chasing away people that are playing in the snow?!!


What’s this madness around the word “flashmob”? Not only is it one of many barbarisms that have appeared recently, it’s being used more and more – and inappropriately too.

Dobryak: (responding to above)

The word “barbarism” is foreign.


They’ll ban making snowmen soon, because they look like Depardieu.


Country of idiots…


Have the police nothing better to do with our taxes?


Thank you Comrade Sta… Putin for our happy childhood!


They’ll ban snow soon, too…

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