Police Hunting 40 Men Involved in Moscow Shoot-out

From Ya Plakal:

Hunt for 40 people captured on video taking part in a Moscow shoot-out

The gunfight in a cafe in the capital ended up being caught on a security camera. The police are hunting the criminals using the video.

A conflict between visitors to the Moscow restaurant “Oliva” last Friday degenerated into a full-on gunfight in the style of Hollywood gunmen.

“The argument between two groups during the night of the 7th to the 8th of February ended in a shootout with rifles and pistols”, a source in law enforcement told Life News. “About 40 people took part in the gunfight.”

The press service of the Interior Ministry’s Moscow headquarters reported that the armed conflict took place between two groups at about 1 am.

The cafe in the heart of the capital has become a crime scene where a man was seriously injured: bullets hit him in the legs.

The visitors to building 3/5 on Smolensk Boulevard were seated at the different tables began arguing with each other, and then some of the men began distributing weapons and opened fire.

“It all started with a conversation in elevated voices, and then a few people ‘went outside to talk'”, the source told Life News. “After not being allowed back into the cafe, they simply opened fire through the doors.”

Oliva restaurant staff were unable to neutralise the armed hooligans, and the shooting lasted about 20 minutes. Some of the visitors who were inside the cafe shot at the people coming in using pistols while others, who had been able to run out to their cars and arm themselves to the teeth, returned fire with machine guns.

“The hooligans escaped from the restaurant, but now they will be caught using the video recording, in which you can identify many of the people involved”, Life News learned from a source in law enforcement.

Comments from Ya Plakal:


As usual … Churkis


The Churkis are fucking ridiculous, do they think that they are in Syria or in their mountains??? We need to chase them out! Let them build their firing range in the mountains!!


Oh nice! 20 minutes of shooting … so where were the police, OMON, Spetsnaz, were they all hiding outside and waiting for them all to shoot each other, and what kind of Hollywood shootout is this where only one guy is injured and even that guy is just shot in the legs? Do you go to a restaurant with a machine gun as well?


We need the Benny Hill music -) if you get what I mean =)

Mauler666: (responding to above)

Yes yes yes!!! The whole time I was watching it, it was playing in my head!!! )))


I think that if they’d all shot each other, it wouldn’t be too much of a shame …


I have two questions …
Why do the Khachis have machine guns, and I don’t ?
Doesn’t it seem to you like there are too many Khachis there, even for Moscow …

Mira2k: (responding to above)

And you all still think Russia is for Russians? It’s all very sad …


Shame there are no bodies, then there would be fewer Khachis and tricksters in Moscowbad.


Yes, so? The next article is all about gopniks, and they’re all Slavs.


Ali Baba and the forty thieves, blyad!



This is the next article on Life News:
“In McDonald’s on the Arbat in Moscow, an argument about the queue degenerated into a stabbing. Two young people were seriously injured.”
The victims have Russian surnames, the attackers escaped, but I’m 99% sure that they are also “southerners”


Why am I not surprised that it’s the Churkis


Have you done anything to try and get a machine gun? Do you have any weapons at all now?


Black-arsed denigrates, fuck off out of Russian cities, you’ve already shown that it’s time for you to go home.

[Note: in Russia, a “black” person is someone from the south of Russia (eg: Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, etc.)]


Damn, it’s an argument like all the shit that happened in the 90s

[Note: the 90s in Russia were a very difficult time, and gunfights were much more common than they are today]

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