Police Arrested after Drunken Brawl and Shooting

From Ridus.ru:

Drunken policemen arrested for a brawl in the Moscow metro with a shooting

An attempt by two transport policemen to resolve an issue with three passengers at the “Taganskaya” metro station on Saturday night turned into a brawl which involved a shooting, the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in the capital told RIA Novosti.

“It was established that on one side of the incident was a man and two women who work in a commercial organisation in the capital, and on the other side were two Moscow metro police, who were off duty and in civilian clothes. During the fight, one of the police officers fired a shot in the opponents’ direction using an air gun, causing light bodily harm”, the statement said.

A medical examination revealed that all five arrested were under the influence of alcohol.

As a result of the incident, the policemen will be dismissed from the Interior Ministry and their immediate supervisors will face strict disciplinary action, and could be released from their posts, according to the statement.

Comments from Ridus.ru:


Hope these cops get diarrhoea that doesn’t leave them until they retire !!! We’ve had enough of them already …


Drunken yobbery … you can’t do anything about it

Эрик Картманез:

The government are doing well, they’ve stopped hiding the crimes in the government services, and are taking measures to fire them and bring charges against them.

DIK: (responding to above)

What charges have been brought? What prosecutions have been brought under the Criminal Code?

Тихо: (also responding to previous commenter)

Where have they written about “bringing charges”? Perhaps they’ve been brought in your head?
You were licking the government’s [arse] when you heard about the student who got three years.


Let’s see what happens and find out if they give three years to a policeman who fires his gun when he’s drunk. As I understand it, there were no threats to his life. But I think that they’ll close the case, or avoid being fired, but as a maximum it’ll be a suspended sentence.


Hmm, hmm. The police officers will be fired, and nothing else will happen to them, but the citizens who attacked them will go to jail.


That tiny thing “a brawl with a shooting”, where there was one whole air gun is hardly the beginning of a civil war.

Партизан: (responding to above)

Try for yourself, shoot yourself in the eye from one of these guns, and then decide whether it’s a civil war or a real one..


They give women three years for that.

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