Pravda Have Found A Way To Make The Economy Exciting

An old YouTube video from the Kremlin-owned has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity recently. Mia Zarring presents the economic news here, and netizens discuss the video … but there’s not much chit-chat about the economy in the comments.

From YouTube:

Economics in context. Mia Zarring

The most impressive girl in Russia, Mia Zarring, presents the economic news on the video portal of

A major scandal has broken out in the internet company, Yahoo. It would appear the Director General, Scott Thompson, told several lies about his education when applying for his job. He said that he had a degree in the field of information technology. However, while Thompson does have a degree, it is in the field of economics. To take his place, Ross Levinson has been appointed, the former president of Fox Interactive Media.

“Beeline” is continuing to make steps towards its customers. The company has made roaming services free through USB modems, 3G/Wi-Fi routers and other devices that require a SIM card. The promotion will be active until the end of September across the whole of Russia, apart from the far East.

The head of the Federal Service for the Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Well-Being, Gennadiy Onishchenko has revealed a new food-based threat for Russians. The surgeon general has urged his countrymen not to use agricultural products from the Netherlands in food products, particularly Dutch tomatoes!

There are interesting rumours circulating about Apple. There are those who believe that the company is going to buy out the German company Loewe. The price in question is 122 million dollars. Rumour has it that the deal is necessary so that Apple can bring out its own television.

Comments from YouTube:

Igor Dukalev:

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There’s something that I didn’t understand, what context is this economics in exactly?

Виктор Петров:

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They’re just too big

Цензор Контролёр:

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Ilia Koleshko:


Андрей Кауфманн:

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игорь растворов:

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Пантилей Ютюбов:

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Антон Бурков:

They should make her give the worst news. The price of oil has gone down to 40$, there’s been another scandal involving corruption in the defence ministry, and so on. But guys just won’t care, they’ll all just watch …


What’s up with her waist?

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