Photos of Vegetarian Girl Cause Concern Among Netizens

From Asaratov’s LiveJournal:

Beauty requires sacrifice… [o]_[O]

This girl is 19, and she’s a vegetarian …

Comments from Asaratov’s LiveJournal:


Buchenwald body :-)


Look at what Putin has driven people to…


I hope she survives.


If a person can’t understand that this is abnormal for themselves, then it’s already too late to do anything to help them :(


Well how can anyone consider this beautiful? The girl’s possibly already spoiled her chances of having children, her life after 30 won’t be very happy.

servol_novo: (responding to above)

If she even lives to 30…


Absolutely horrible! I’m not fat, but I eat meat and fat, and I don’t deny myself anything! You just have to remember that your stomach isn’t a rubbish tip, and eat only the tastiest and most appetising food.
*scoffs a cake*


This isn’t about vegetarianism. I know loads of vegetarians, but none of them suffer from anorexia.


This isn’t vegetarianism. She doesn’t eat anything. Or she makes herself vomit. Anorexia. I once tried to go without protein for health reasons. So I gorged myself on carbs. I nearly didn’t change back.




Anorexia of the brain …

Тимур Санэч:

If she lives to be thirty she’ll think differently.


She’s not a vegetarian, she’s an idiot.

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