Moscow Company To Use RC Helicopters To Deliver Parcels


An airborne delivery service to open in Moscow

Soon, in Moscow, a service will open that offers parcel delivery by air using copters – pilot less aircraft operated by a dispatcher. Using this service, you will be able to send packages under 10 kilograms to be delivered to anywhere in Moscow at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour. The company’s management promises that delivery time will be no more than 20 minutes.

The descriptions of procedures for parcel delivery look like lines from a fantasy story:

“When you go out into the street, you will see a copter hovering around your building at a height of 20 metres. The copter produces a slight, distinctive noise from the propellers. The copter is controlled by a dispatcher. He will see you on camera and call you by telephone. The dispatcher will stay on the line and will help you to carry out the following procedure. The copter will lower a cable with a container attached. The container is a metal cube 40cm long. Take the container, open it, and put your parcel inside. Put your money in the special compartment, and collect your change (if necessary)” In order to receive change, you must inform the dispatcher in advance.

The cost of the service is 1,200 roubles [£25, 30€]. For your money, as well as sending goods, you can enjoy Moscow from a height of 500 metres thanks to the camera installed on the copter. You can also monitor the progress of your package using the inbuilt navigation device.

The service is not yet available. According to the words of the microblogger Zimarin, the company has yet to receive a licence for aerial deliveries over Moscow.

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The Kremlin are afraid that people will send them a few kilos of TNT.

Mike Torello:



Not a bad way of covering the stupid State Duma in shit.


It’ll be a great present if someone gets 10kg crashing onto their head.


I’m sorry to say that there are already things up in the sky, planes fly there too … that’s probably terrifying for you, isn’t it?


That was my first thought too.
Wires, birds, irresponsible staff …


Heroin to any address!

Pomeha Sprava:

To save money, chassis parts can be made from dead cats.

[Note: the commenter is thinking of this YouTube video]


I remembered this immediately too)


It’ll never happen, it’s too dangerous. But if it does, I’ll personally shoot them down with snowballs)))


Terrible, if the polythene tears, then you’ve got 6 uncontrollable missiles which will probably crash down onto someone.
I’m categorically against it.
If you need a coke, get off your ar5e and go to the shop!

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