Hugging Girls Arrested in St. Petersburg Under Anti-Gay Law


Two hugging girls arrested for “promoting lesbianism”

Two hugging girls were arrested in the St Petersburg metro, RBK reports. Passengers demanded that the girls stop hugging, and when the girls refused, the passengers contacted the driver of the electric train by speakerphone. The police were already waiting for the girls at the next station.

“Two girls were hugging and riding in a St Petersburg metro carriage, which some passengers with high morals did not like, possibly because they were well aware of the new parliamentary initiatives to ban the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” After the passengers’ complaints, the train stopped at the next station, and the driver asked passengers to leave the carriage that the suspected “criminals” had been travelling in, and the police grabbed the girls”, a witness said.

We remind our readers that in March 2012, St Petersburg adopted a regional law banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors and punishing actions in public that promote sodomy, lesbianism, transgenderism, and bisexualism among minors with administrative detention. On the 11th June of this year, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a federal law banning the promotion of homosexuality, fines for which range up to 1 million roubles [£20,000, 23,000€].

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You have so much fun over there. Time for you all to go to the madhouse.

Сопричастный: (responding to above)

Under Vladimir Vladimirovich the madhouse will just keep getting madder :-)


What madness. When the girls at our work meet, they kiss, should I call the police?

Ольга Георгиевна: (responding to above)

Are you from St Petersburg? Then yes.

azarga: (responding to above)

Call out the Orthodox and Cossack patrols. Every good citizen and patriot should carry an alarm bell around, in case of such emergencies.


It’s the same in Iran.


Do they have a close friendship? Or what’s the reason for this?


Even in the USSR they didn’t touch hugging lovers.


Well yeah, a man with a girl.


Two years in prison, like Pussy Riot!!!


There’ll be fewer lesbian cosplayers.


Were there minors in the Petersburg metro carriage?


Like Pussy Riot, they’ll go to jail for a few years now, to the Orthodoxy‘s delight.


Folk wisdom says: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. You can pass any laws you like, but you can’t make people follow them if they reject them en masse.

электрыцарь Латунный:

I suggest these passengers “with high morals” bring their torches, pitchforks and a set of armbands next time they ride the metro. The pitchforks can be plastic, and the torches LEDs.


Maybe I’ll just wear my Ku Klux Klan baseball cap.


How is this propaganda? Were they asking others to do the same?

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