Sochi Myths Busted by Russian Sick of Lies

Note: there are some images below that may be distressing

From Vlast’s LiveJournal:

Sluchisochi.rf – We bust the myths about Sochi

It seems to me that the situation with the lies and rumours around Sochi has reached its limits. Many things that are being published about the Olympics are lies, and I want to refute them. That’s why I created the site “SluchiSochi.RF” [SochiRumours.rf] on which all of the lies about Sochi are quickly refuted. The site’s logo is pants on fire from the famous English proverb “liar, liar, pants on fire”.

We’ll bust the myths relating to the Sochi Olympics in order.

Myth №1. Rusty water from the taps

Journalists are spreading a photograph of rusty water which is coming out of the taps in Sochi. For example, the Washington Post retweeted the account @Sochiproblems, on which the following photo was posted:


This photo was used in 2012 to illustrate a news article about the low quality of drinking water in the Ukraine. In particular, the photo was used here (the timestamp on the article is 9 October 2012):

Myth №2.
Mass murders of animals

There is always news on Twitter about mass killings of stray dogs. In particular, Russian opposition blogger Vitaliy Shushkevich has posted a photograph of murdered animals (see below).

This photo was taken in 2012 in the Ukraine, in Donetsk. The article spoke about the uncontrolled dumping of dogs outside the town. The person who took the photo is Pauluskp.

Myth №3. Ice cream in the ass

In Sochi, it’s not polite to eat ice creams with your mouth. Polite waiters suggest shoving it up your arse.

The photograph’s real, but it wasn’t taken in Sochi. This particular photo was published a long time ago on the internet as a funny illustration (21 June 2012).

Myth №4. Toilet in the wall

Russians don’t just know how to put two toilets in one room, but half a toilet in one room.


This photo appeared on the popular site Reddit 6 months ago.

Myth №5. Places for judges in the toilet

In Sochi’s toilets, there is a special place for spectators. More than likely, it’s actually a place for judges, who are judging the sportsmen’s performance even in this type of sport.

Toilet judges

This photo became quite well-known on the internet after it was published on the 20th December 2013. It is unknown where it was taken, there is no evidence whatsoever that this toilet is in Sochi.

Myth №6. Sudden gunfire

Russia is so hardcore that you can end up accidentally coming under fire.

Sudden gunfire

This photograph ended up in a compilation of the most ridiculous road signs as early as 19 June 2012. There is no evidence whatsoever that this was photographed in Sochi. These signs are perfectly normal around the grounds of military areas.

Sudden gunfire proof

Myth №7. Toilet for 5 people

Sochi is a place for friendly people. Here you can sit with your friends and a glass of beer right on the toilets.

“Pass the toilet roll, please”


In fact, this photo was taken in Russia, but in a different place. This is a toilet in the University of Kazan, but the photo was taken by Max Lomakin for the BBC.

Myth №8. The Olympics are being held against a background of ruined Soviet buildings

All of the money that was set aside for the Olympics was stolen by Putin himself, to pay the policemen to beat up the gays. The Olympics are being carried out on the remains of the Soviet Union.

Welcome to Sochi

This photograph was actually taken in Sochi, but not during the Olympics. This photo was taken by Kai Pfaffenbach for Reuters on the 19th February 2013.

Myth №9. Door handles come off in your hands.

There wasn’t enough money for construction work in Sochi. All of the money was stolen by greedy civil servants to fight the opposition. That’s the reason that all the door handles in the hotels are flying off into your eyes. American journalist Barry Petchesky from a sports publication tried to open his hotel room, but the door handle stayed in his hand.

Door handle

Barry himself two days ago said that this photo wasn’t taken in Sochi. Besides, Barry said the brilliant sentence “The best part of every Olympics is crapping on the host”.

Petchesky's tweet

Respectively, after this it became clear the reasons foreign journalists are photographing all of the “negatives” of the Sochi Olympics. […]

Myth №10. They paint the grass in Sochi

The true green grass in Sochi isn’t green enough. Therefore, it needs to be painted right in front of the guests. Journalist for the Russian “Novaya Gazeta” Evgeniy Feldman posted a photo on Reuters, in which you can see them painting the grass in front of the stadium. The main point the journalist raises is that they were painting right in front of the Olympic guests.

Painting grass

Doing this sort of thing with grass is called hydroseeding. In the photograph above, the woman is simply planting grass like this. Moreover, Evgeniy Feldman’s photograph was posted late in the evening on the 4th February. In the corner of the photo, you can see the Reuters caption. What’s interesting is that on the same day, Reuters published another photo, in which you can see the grass absolutely green, which it is not necessary to paint.

Painting grass proof

At least another three myths that are being posted and retweeted happily by everyone will be refuted today. […]

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[Note: sections removed for privacy are clearly visible in the original article.]

Comments from Vlast’s LiveJournal:


The number of idiots who fall for these pictures is high. The main thing is not to fall for them yourselves. You always need to check your news, or believe a trusted source.


We need to be proud of our country! Be proud that we’ve managed to get the Olympics here, and the opening ceremony was just fantastic!


Thank you very much for your post, at least there’s one decent person on the internet. I’m definitely going to show my daughter, I nearly shouted at her when she showed me these photos from VK

v1: (responding to above)

You’re welcome, I did it because I couldn’t stand all this crap about Sochi


Hmm, the dogs photo is very unpleasant.


That’s how they problem of stray dogs was solved in the democratic Ukraine)))


Thanks for the post!!!


As the journalist said: the main thing is to crap on the hosts.


Shame no one will see this abroad.


Thanks for the truth!


I live in the Olympic village. If you’ve got any questions, ask away.

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  • texas tex

    What’s their excuse for the shitty halfpipe

    • fsun

      Everyone but the Americans seemed to do fine.

    • nqk123

      you need to get out more, US utilities system, non/public facilities are still consider very high standard in most part of the world. not every country have free restroom with toilet paper at every corner. we American are very spoil.

      • Pole

        You must learn some more English to make believe you’re an American.
        What about the halfpipe? Everyone can see how shitty it is.

        • nqk123

          who give a damn about halfpipe. beside American and western media who else is complaining about every little thing

      • mattlove1

        where do they have free restrooms with toilet paper at every corner in the US? All I see here are signs saying “for patrons use only.” you have to buy something to use bathrooms here. Capitalism – it’s not just a bad idea, it’s the law

        • nqk123

          i don’t where you live, but many businesses around california don’t have that sign. and most public buildings/areas do have restroom.

        • MyMotto

          The only time Ive ever seen that being used was during the wall street occupation where ppl where shitting everywhere n bathing in the sinks.
          Maybe if its a place where you have to pay to get in anyway.
          Other than that I rarely see them and I doubt people care if you dont buy…

  • Paulos

    Debunking slander is great, but all this focus on the images makes me wonder if people still don’t understand that all news outlets use stock footage/photography.

  • firebert5

    The only news I read or heard about Sochi involved the actual games being played rather than the living conditions. Correction: there was the story of the bobsledder stuck in the bathroom who claimed he had to break the door to escape. So…there’s that.

    • mattlove1

      I guess you don’t consume Neoliberal Propaganda Radio. this was the relentless propaganda message. this morning they intimated that the US hockey team would need a secret escape route from the arena if they won. Dumber than dirt, and they are the propaganda arm that supposedly serves educated liberals. We are a nation of dunces.

  • Shame no one in Russia will see that I am seeing this abroad…

  • Anna Presman

    Well finally someone is doing something. This slander campaign became so ridiculous that I’ve noticed a backlash against it among western readers. It’s good to see that Russians finally realized they need to fight against it too.
    At least it will be over soon, and the entire world would focus on slandering Brazil.

  • Doge Wallace

    Reminds me of Jang Song Taek being eaten by over 100 hungry canines.

    • Mighty曹

      You being one of the dogs.

    • carmouflagger

      so remember, much funny. wow

  • Jimmy

    All this anti-Sochi propaganda is ridiculous. I think we Americans are just a little jealous of Russia being the Olympic host. Or maybe it’s because a lot of older folks are still stuck in the Cold War days. In any case, this is kind of embarrassing…

  • billy bo bob brain
    • mattlove1

      Did you read the article? Do you need for them to refute every single picture before you will understand what they are saying?

  • billy bo bob brain
    • mattlove1

      Boy, you’re a one trick pony, aren’t you?

  • Evgenia Watson

    posting it in my Facebook – some people abroad WILL see this post!

  • Mighty曹

    Good job!

  • vonskippy

    “Vladimir Putin has rejected the allegation that one-third of the total cost of the games is being siphoned off by corrupt officials and construction companies.”

    Outrageous – anyone can see they’re siphoning off 2/3’s of the 51 billion to line their own pockets.

    Russia, get your own slogan, America already owns “A day late and a dollar short”.

  • anonymous55

    What an idiotic article and a waste of time. As an American I have been to Sochi (and several other parts of the former Soviet Union) years ago as a child and sure hope they are not as backward as they once were. And how dogs are treated in many parts of Russia is awful.

  • Simon Clarke

    I’m tired of living in the glorious west , every day I choke on the obvious lies perpetrated on the sheep that they regurgitate to each other. We the west is perpetrating violence at will with no questions asked . Both parties have just agreed to welfare ceiling all the while handing money in hundreds of billions to the bankers . The negative reporting on Sochi was embarrassing for me . God save our queen is all we hear. If there is a god , pull your finger out you lazy…..

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