Khodorkovsky Gathers A “Congress of National Traitors”


Khodorkovsky Assembles “Congress of National Traitors”

Ex-oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsk intends to hold a forum in Kiev with the participation of the Russian opposition. Organizers are calling the forum a “symbolic action of solidarity of the Russian and Ukrainian intelligentsia.”

The forum “Ukraine – Russia: the Dialogue”, organized by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, will assemble Russian social activists who disagree with Vladimir Putin’s policy in the Ukraine, reports RBK daily. Under the conference’s peaceful name hides Khodorkovsky’s intention to bring together those who more than others fit under the apt definition of the head of state – “national traitors.”

“Leading Russian and Ukrainian economists, political scientists, journalists, and also civil activists, teachers, doctors, ecologists, and people active in science and culture are taking parts in the conferences. Alexei Kudrin, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Dmitry Bykov, Viktor Shenderovich, Mikhail Schats and Tatyana Lazareva, Alexandra Koval, Anatoly Borsyuk, Mykola Veresen, Semyon Gluzman, and others,” is shown in the press release by the conference’s organizers. Let’s examine this list more carefully.

And so, Khodorkovsky, who right after a pardon and liberation from prison stated that he didn’t intend to be involved in either politics or business, is gathering a congress of leaders of a “white protest”, himself unleashing the next information war against Russia. Ex-Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin appears fist on the list accused of a serious financial swindle: a part of the money allotted by the Ministry of Finance to rescue the bank KIT Finance in 2008 was appropriated and spent on the launch of the liberal internet television channel, the scandal-ridden Dozhd.

Next on the list of invited opposition “stars” appears satirist Viktor Shenderovich, who distinguished himself with his investigations into the theme of the Olympics in Sochi. Human rights activists called Shenderovich’s publication an attempt to rehabilitate fascism, and the deputy representative of the State Duma took the satirist to court for his offensive statements and won one million rubles [£16,650, 20,200€]. It’s possible Shenderovich is counting on a fee from participation in the congress of “national traitors…”

It’s notable that the publication RBK daily is under the control of Mikhail Prokhorov, better known to Russians under the nickname Misha “Obehalkin”. Previously the publication had published Yulia Tymoshenko’s frankly anti-Russian column, which recently stated her readiness to “kill those damn Russians together with their leader”, the entire world to raise up, so that “there wouldn’t be even a scorched field left in Russia” and to “shoot with atomic weapons” the eight million Russians left in the Ukraine.

Whatever the “congress of national traitors” turns out to be – calling on NATO to send forces into the Ukraine or entreaties on the use of most cruel economic sanctions in regards to Russia – a photographic report of the event will become more of a visual picture than an installation in honor of the “fifth column” styled after the Aliens movie franchise hung out across the windows of the editorship of the radio Echo of Moscow.

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He’s afraid to go to Russia :-


Judge Khodor for machinations and murder.


So there are only two variants – either patriotically rejoice with great accomplishments or you’re a national traitor (naturally the US sold out for filthy dollars)
Oh, what a an apt definition
Actually, why do we have have 3, 5, or 10 options, it’s confusing. We’ll leave 2 – you’re either a patriot or a traitor, an accomplice of the nationalists
A chain of command is a chain of command, .uck all being on the same level, we don’t need it

asinch: (responding to above)

So there isn’t another. Either a patriot or not. And don’t look for 20 variants of shit here. It smells the same.

Ursun: (responding to above)

And the clever crooks and thieves who say the right words in unison – are they patriots or do they just have the same stink?

asinch: (responding to above)

If you’re talking about Khodorkovsky,then he’s never been a patriot.

Ursun: (responding to above)

I will never understand what he’s doing in the Ukraine

Niko Griby Belik: (responding to above)

He’s satisfying his basic instincts – he’s once again looking for somewhere where it’s bad to be.

Dobrusha: (responding to above)

You, liberals, are putting this theme: “crooks and thieves” into various comments, to various articles on various regards, changing only the first word. On your point of view a million people will be found not coinciding with yours.
I’m surprised that Kasparov and Nemtsov, who hate Putin, aren’t on this list, but it looks like for them, Putin means Russia and they’ll cement their own country with sh*t.

Ursun: (responding to above)

I’m already truly fed up hearing about liberals on forums who make life difficult for Russians.
Although I’m glad that millions of patriots are ready to tell these rats “Hands off” and when these millions will be ready for something, other than yelling who’s not with us is against us, it’ll be really great

Dobrusha: (responding to above)

Ursun, but liberals have started calling Russian people “scum” and “soapboxers”. It’s liberals separating people into those who are for Putin and into those who are against. Other people don’t exist for you. So let the protesters remain the creative class, the rest will be the Russian people.

Urusn: (responding to above)

Who are these liberals? I’m seriously asking, no jokes.
Where was this label taken from? Whose is this apt definition?
It’s just some sharp intensification of class conflict now
I get that complicated processes are going on right now in the Ukraine
But it isn’t worth forgetting that the eternal battle is a way to draw attention away from poverty and lawlessness
These aren’t my words, but i completely agree with them

Niko Griby Belik: (responding to above)

To the hedgehog in the fog from the Aliens from Alpha Centauri.
Not liberals, liberasts.

bubovny valet kozyrny:

These last names don’t relate to the Russian intelligentsia

Ursun: (responding to above)

how’s Ulitskaya not a Russian intelligent ?

Dobrusha: (responding to above)

Ursun, by not being a Russian intelligent, which lives in Russia and pours slops on it In such situations they say: “Suitcase, train station, and goodbye if you don’t like it.” From olden times the Russian intelligentsia was called lice-ridden. Probably for good reason.


Ivan Susanin came into the Ukraine – Russia: the Dialogue forum hall.
A secretary (with her hair in a bun) asks him:
-Who are you?
-I’m Ivan Susanin.
-Really? The very same?
-Yes. The very same.
The secretary started bustling around:
-Oh, what an honor for us! Hold on, I’ll get everyone now.
-Yeah, yeah, get everyone and we’ll go …


Let them gather. Thank God I’ll at least know those by face which ones need to go to the shower after the meeting.


Kudrin, Bykov, Shenderovich… can’t be-Mikhail Schats and his spouse Tatiana Lazareva.


Basically, it’s business as usual in every aspect.
Liberals are monsters
We don’t want to listen to anyone
Our patriotism is the very best as we have it on a genetic level
No pasaran


Khodor’s doing the FSB’s work for them, now, while Putin’s in power, there’s a path to politics for these people, but he’s got them doing show business. They fell for the FSB’s cheap trick, oafs !

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