Political Scientist Urges Russia to Call the West’s Bluff

From Komsomolskaya Pravda:

Political Scientist Aleksandr Dugin: Right now the most important thing is to withstand the USAs and NATOs bluff

On Friday Mach 1, at an extraordinary session of the Federation Council, senators unanimously approved the use of Russian troops in Crimea. These measures are intended to be in force until the stabilization of the situation in this country.

Aleksandr Dugin, political scientist and head of a center for conservative studies at Moscow State University’s sociological department, shared his opinion on this matter on air with “Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The expert is sure that in the current situation there is more at stake than only the struggle for Crimea, and there can be no discussion about the peninsula’s annexation to Russia

It has becoming evident: Russia is helping Crimea. How do you evaluate these events and what do the Russian authorities need to do in this situation?

“Right now the most important thing, in my view, is to withstand the bluff of the USA and NATO countries, who will demand the withdrawal of our troops from Crimea under the threat of a Third World War. Such a war will not happen, the West is governed by quite sane people. If we will simply stand our ground, then a period of a unipolar world will come to an end. Now a terrible struggle is going on. The struggle for Crimea is not just a struggle for Crimea or the Ukraine, or for Russia, but a struggle for a new world order, whether unipolar or not. If we hold out, and I do not doubt that we will, we will not only reconstruct the constitutional system in the Ukraine, we will not only restore peace, but we will also give all the peoples of the world the chance to build their own destiny.”

Now Putin is one step away from becoming the leader of the world, the main figure in which is embodied freedom and independence from American hegemony. He will definitely pass this historical test, now is the moment of truth for us, for Russia, and a critical moment for Putin himself. That is, Crimea already has secondary significance. That which is playing out in Crimea is not only order, not only the saving of Crimeans from planned genocide and massacre. We are not talking about the return of Crimea to Russia, we are talking about something else altogether: about how American hegemony in the world and ability to carry out coups and initiate bloody massacre are put to an end.

If Russia stands its ground, and we insist on international law, on the observance of democratic procedures, on legality and the peaceful resolution of all problems, then Putin in fact becomes the first person in world politics. And Obama, the second. This is fundamental, irreversible, and it means that in all geopolitics, in all conflicts, in all zones of the world, including the Pacific Ocean region, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Islamic World, all maps and positions will be reshaped.

What will happen next?

The West only has one answer for everything: beginning of nuclear war, but this is not possible, and consequently, the West simply has no answer. Let’s note that not only isn’t Ukraine able to fight Russia, especially since it’s no longer a state: the President is currently on the one side, the junta is on the other. It does not even control Kiev, where there is a colossal number of gangs, operating in their own self-interest. In such a situation, there is no consolidation and, consequently, the only thing Kiev can count on, in the face of popular uprising against junta – for order, life and freedom of citizens – is American interference, the introduction of NATO troops. But if NATO troops make their way in, then it will be that very nuclear war, which no one wants: neither Europe nor the USA. Therefore, all that the West will offer, in fact, is a pure bluff.

Comments from Komsomolskaya Pravda:

Guest 6000

I am proud that we have such a president. I am proud of my country and our people, and especially the Russian people. We will withstand and win in any trials.

Наталия Ната (responding to above)

You are unique. The only one, probably, on the planet Earth. Keep on being proud of such a president with a flag in your hands (only, choose which one)

Guest 186 (responding to above)

Natalya Nat, this isn’t your place. Echo and Dozhd are more for you [Note: media outlets that tend to have oppositionist leanings]. Complain to each other, curse the country (I don’t say motherland, because such as yourself don’t have one), in which you all grew up and studied (probably, for free), in which your ancestors lived for decades – they could hardly have been such nobodies, like you, in former times patriotism was inherent to all – America hadn’t fattened up anyone.

Guest 1673 (also responding to above)

Natalya, as they say, jog on! You aren’t unique, you are a traitor to your country.

Guest 7534

I very much hope, that not a single Slavic soldier or peaceful resident will perish. Ukranians, those which stood out on Maidan, I admire you, stay strong.


Legally, Russia has all rights to introduce troops into Ukraine with a view to maintaining order and protecting its citizens and their families. See art.7,10,11 of the ‘Big Treaty’ between RF and Ukraine from 1997

This is first thing.

And secondly – legally the USSR (surprise suprise) still exists, and the RF is its successor, i.e. it has only changed the name, which is recognized by all UN members. This is where it all starts from, with Russia being the only state paying back the USSR’s debts. The Belovezh agreements were nullified by the State Duma of the RF on March 16, 1996. At the USSR referendum on March 17, 1991 80.2% of Ukrainian citizens voted in favor of Ukraine remaining within the USSR! For those who are interested-see Wikipedia

Guest 2455 (responding to above)

I agree! And so it is.

Чуч-хе (Juche):

New perspectives are now coming to light in Russia! The idea of Juche – one correct path!

Guest 7613 (responding to above)

Don’t you have anything to say? Clown!..

Guest 3314

Ukraine is Stalingrad for the USA

I am from Kiev:

Guys, what did Ukraine do to you? We didn’t stand against Russians and for NATO, but so there wouldn’t be any corruption, so that there would be decent medicine, and that the police would catch thieves and bandits. It’s scary to go into the government hospital in the center of Kiev. Thee are eternal repairs and lines. Officials’ drunk kids kill pedestrians with their cars. It’s scary for us to live in such a country, but we want to change something. And for this they call us Fascists? I have friends and acquaintances that speak different languages – Ukrainian, Russian, French, Spanish, English…no one in Ukraine is against the Russian language.

We took to the streets peacefully, but no one wanted to listen to us. The authorities that have run away shot people on the streets, in both Eastern and Western Ukraine. The first victims weren’t even Ukrainians, but Belorusians and Armenians. The Rusian media is now interpreting the fight against corruption and lawlessness as Fascist marches…They are calling white black…And you are arguing about NATO and geopolitics…the Russian authorities and the former Ukrainian authorities, who with blood will strengthen their business interests, are set out to get us.

Guest 3183: (responding to above)

So, a robbed and hopeless people, these are Fascists?

Also from Kiev: (also responding to previous commenter)

The people stood for what was right, only the ones that came to power were those financed by the states and their goals were completely different than those of the people.

Наталия Ната (also to above)

Crimeans and residents of Eastern Ukraine. Do you really expect something good in Russia? Only Moscow lives well. You want Russian protection? DON’T BE SEDUCED!

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