William Hague Insists Russia Meet Obligations on Ukraine

From Echo Moskvy

Russia should fulfil her obligations undertaken during discussions in Geneva, representatives of EU member states will insist

Foreign Minister of the UK, William Hague, told this to journalists ahead of the ministerial meeting with other ministers from the EU, which will also be attended by the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov.

“Talks on Ukraine in Geneva have not yet failed, but there are attempts to render them meaningless”, said Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. According to him, the only way out of the Ukrainian crisis is on the basis of international dialogue, and Russia is ready to enable its organisation. Lavrov regrets that the West is not prepared to accept the south east of Ukraine as a completely legitimate part of this dialogue.

“Ukraine is ready for a new meeting in Geneva, but insists that they are undertaken in their previous format involving four parties”, the current acting head of the Ukrainian foreign ministry Andrey Deschitsa said. He also asked for international observers to be sent to the Ukraine to oversee the presidential elections, planned for the 25th of May.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


How do they imagine this going? Russia sending its troops as far as Kiev or something?


They’re asking a card cheat to play fair – they’re wasting their time. Putin only understands the language of sanctions and total international isolation. In the political underworld, they don’t understand civilised language. In order to understand Putin’s primitive psychology, you only need to read some of the local rags, which only acknowledge power (which Putin doesn’t actually have, but I digress)

sticks_: (responding to above)

But it’s only the Ukies who will suffer from sanctions. Even Canada who more or less support the Ukies have introduced sanctions which have only affected the Ukies (in terms of producing parts for rocket launcher moters). From these anti Russian sanctions, you’ll soon just be eating what you can grow and you’ll be cooking on trees from the forest.

tarbv: (responding to above)

Even the miserly sanctions against Russia that have already been introduced have been enough to rise prices by 20%. And the long terms effects will be much more serious.

sticks_: (responding to above)

Lady, what are you talking about with a 20% jump in prices? On vodka, so you drink less? A drunken mother means grief in the family? Or are you talking about Ukieland? There it’s not 20%, it’s more.


Why are there elections? The candidates are the same. There are no new ones.


The USA stirred up the war in Ukraine, and the EU supported them. Is it just the lowly country of Russia who are trying to bring back peace and support them financially?

azt: (responding to above)

It looks like they gave them money for their military operations

iwanow: (responding to above)

The USA gave them money, but it looks like it’s all been embezzled. The Ukrainibitches should pay their debts for their gas, and it doesn’t look like they’re too eager to pay off their IMF debts either, they just want to make promises.


Shut off the gas valve until they completely capitulate and the Kiev junta are brought before the courts.


William Hague is of one mind with his little brothers from the US of Fags, no big surprise. How is this news?

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