Rouble Becomes an Official Currency in Crimea

From Echo Moskvy:

Rouble goes into official circulation in Crimea today

At the time of the transitional period there will be two currencies.

The peninsula’s government is planning on giving out pensions and salaries in roubles. Head of the Crimean State Council Vladimir Konstantinov told information agencies about it. He noted that at the time of the transitional period, roubles will not be the only currency used on the territory of Russia’s new subject, hryvnia will also be used. Furthermore, it’s not specified when exactly the hryvnia will cease circulation. “They’re saying a few different periods, life will tell when it won’t really be needed anymore,” underlined Konstantinov. In the meantime the Ukrainian currency is planned to be used until January 1, 2016, specifies Ukrainskaya Pravda. Remember, approximately 96 percent of those who voted on the referendum supported Crimea joining Russia. It was also previously reported that 80 million dollars might be needed for the liquidation of Crimea’s budget deficit. Establishing infrastructure will cost Russia roughly another 5 billion dollars.

Official Kiev won’t acknowledge the results of the plebiscite.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Hooraaaay, is there still bread in stores?

kottigr: (responding to above)

Now in Crimea everyone’s going numb from horror…


Happy housewarming to you, dear comrades!
Actually – what are the residents of Crimea supposed to do with hryvnia now?

opamop: (responding to above)

Soon there’ll be nothing for Crimean tramps to eat, but then the rouble will be popular…

yuriy_spb: (responding to above)

Spend as usual; they’ll take them [both] freely.

jjtompson: (responding to above)

“They’ll take them [both] freely” – they won’t in the private sector

ahalimbo: (responding to above)

Do you think that there’s no gas or oil in Crimea? Really!

vraki: (responding to above)

Patriots are holding on in Putinka . There’s always something to drink and the your head’s free.

kot_3_medikome: (responding to above)

The rouble was currency in Crimea before
This is also news to me :(
If only it were the dollar

yuriy_spb: (responding to above)

They would only take roubles in private, from hand to hand, everything was in hryvnia.

shura62: (also responding to previous commenter)

Kot, the dollar won’t be in Crimea and neither will you. That’s where all of Putin’s assistant dogs have been “aimed” !

atamanov_nikolaj: (responding to above)

Hryvnia sounds kind of vulgar! Is that why we’re all talking about the rouble?!

dimasoo: (responding to above)

Hold on Crimeans! Soon there will be reinforcement
The US government hid the petition for joining Alaska to Russia.
Activist Sergei Voropaev arranged the petition in the corresponding department of the White House’s site. It’s notable that the US government hid the given petition.
Only a person who has a direct link can click on it, but on the homepage it was visible for only a few minutes, after which it disappeared somewhere. At the moment with the help of the search on the White House’s site the given address is impossible to find.


Well now they’ll start to live! Both with humanitarian aid and pensions…. I wonder will they refuse Ukrainian help?


They’ll change hryvnia for rubles and Crimea will finally set sail from Ukrainian land.


In the summer we’ll go and see how it is in our Crimea )

mikhail_spb_: (responding to above)

They probably won’t let you in without a pass.

yuriy_spb: (responding to above)

Why all of a sudden? But it’s better of course not to go through Ukraine.

abc_2011: (responding to above)

What difference does it make what they call Flyshitsk, cos that’s what it is. If only they let Spaniards in, then yeah, it would be interesting to go

yuriy_spb: (responding to above)

Yeah, I was there both last year and the year before that… Actually, a vacation in Crimea hasn’t been cheap for a while, unless you live in a chicken coop, of course…. For the same money you can go to both Turkey and Egypt or even somewhere in Europe. )
But I like Crimea, there’s something… special there.

vovkapytier: (responding to above)

There’s information that Yarosh is in Crimea. I personally declare a reward for any information. The Motherland’s in danger!
Payment – Bank Rossiya by Visa card.
Call – foreign countries will help us!


Exactly the right word for it… circulation of the rouble… that’s exactly what it’s been doing recently. it goes around in a circle… furthermore in a big one.


What will you buy with these roubles, dear Crimeans? Will you buy wine from each other? A vacation in saky, swimming in saky?

dobree_dobrogo: (responding to above)

I’ll buy myself a Pobeda and go to Crimea this summer, eat fruit swim in the sea and try to get home alive!


The 96% bugged by the 4% should definitely tell us all how it is soon)))


Did they already open branches of Bank Rossiya? Or did they issue a Visa with roubles? The main thing is to take plenty of dollars there-so that there’s something to change roubles for.

yuriy_spb: (responding to above)

They’re worried about Rashka )

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