Monument to “New Russians” to be Installed in Chita


Monument to New Russians erected in Chita

In Chita, a monument has been erected to the New Russian, Itar-Tass reports, quoting the person whose idea it was, local businessman Yuri Bazhin. According to him, the two-and-a-half-million rouble [£42,000, 51,000€] sculpture is already ready, and will soon be delivered to the town.

The opening of sculptor Andrei Kiyanitsyn’s monument should take place before the end of autumn. The installation of the creation has been agreed with Chita authorities. It is expected that the monument to the New Russian will not be the only humorous monument in the town.

“We have enough serious, official monuments. We need to decorate Chita with something original, something positive. The image of the New Russian is a part of our culture: he’s a figure in our jokes, a lead character in our films”, Bazhin said in a conversation with the news agency.

The monument to the New Russian depicts a man in a jacket sitting on a bench with a big chain round his neck and a large signet on his finger. Near to the main character, who has taken his shoes off and is spread out on the bench in a relaxed pose, is a man bag.

The word “New Russian” appeared in the 1990s and referred to people who applied themselves to business after the collapse of the USSR and earned their standing quickly. Later, the phrase took on an ironic nature, referring to poorly educated New Russians, who often having earned their money illegally end up wearing maroon jackets and are the butts of jokes.

Comments from

Анатолий Табаков:

Fucking idiots…

Илья Сорокин:

So what, why not)

Прогон Вагонов:

We need a monument to the “invaders” in Moscow

Илья Сорокин: (responding to above)

Why not ))) At the end of the day, if people have a sense of humour, I don’t see anything wrong with these sorts of monuments. But people have forgotten how to smile. […]

Maxim Makin: (responding to above)

Probably because the image of the New Russian is the image of a thief, bandit and a scoundrel.

изя шпильман:

I hope they don’t make a monument to what they found after Berezovsky’s death…

Sandro Great: (responding)

He looks more like Putin

Злой Доктор:

Cool idea, I love city sculptures like this.


The old ladies will have someone to spit on!

Диванный Аналитег:

From the headline, I thought it was going to be a monument to Depardieu.

Жан Б. Эмануэль Зорг:

Doesn’t look like one at all. Where’s the Nokia on the belt? Where’s the pack of Parliament [cigarettes] and the Zippo in his hand? This is a botched job!

Диванный Аналитег: (responding to above)

Where’s the prostitute in a praying position?

Жан Б. Эмануэль Зорг: (responding to above)

Nooo there are kids in the park!

Диванный Аналитег: (responding to above)

OK, so let’s swap the prostitute for a secretary.

Жан Б. Эмануэль Зорг: (responding to above)

Ok, I’ve changed it… from 9 to 5 she’s a secretary, but after 5…


That’s how we live.

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