Sanctions Against Russia Could Affect International Companies

From Echo Moskvy

BP, Exxon and Shell risk becoming casualties of new sanctions against Russia, writes “The Guardian”

British Petroleum, the publication notes, may have to cancel oil drilling projects in the Arctic. Shell, in turn, works together with Gazprom on projects in the Far East. If Moscow bans the sale of nonferrous metals to the US, this will hit Boeing, who buy a third of the titanium they use from Russia. The banks that will lose the most from the split with Russia will be the Austrian Raiffeisen and the France Société Générale, the newspaper adds. Further sanctions will cause damages to medium- and small-sized businesses in Europe.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


Let the Brits shit on their own island…


This kind of thing happens all the time when you collaborate with dictators.


Guys, are you really so poorly informed? This is the Guardian after all! Are you really not up-to-date on who owns it and who puts these little articles there regularly?


Let all the Gayropeans drown. Ban the metals.

vasyak: (responding to above)

Sure. Because metal only exists in Russia. Let’s ban the export of river sand too – let construction collapse in Gayrope.


In short, sanctions will send the world into a new economic crisis.

severaznin: (responding to above)

As always, there are two edges to this sword.


Time for Russia to shake the dandruff off its shoulders…


And all this over that shitty Ukraine.

donbass_ukraine: (responding to above)

And all of these are the senile issues of a botoxed fool. :)

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  • Canadian_Skies

    “Sanctions Against Russia Could Affect International Companies”

    So what? No articles on the issue before hand? Just the effect and not a perspective of the cause?

    RussiaSLAM is dead. Barely transparent.

  • MidniteOwl

    so Russia vs the world? Putin is an egotistical cunt. Next victims will be the Russian people whether they realize it or not.

  • loupgarous

    Cutting the US off from nonferrous metals would be the very best thing Russia could do for the United States. It’d cause a reassessment of those mineral deposits within North America which haven’t been exploited (perhaps a new synergy between the US and Mexico and creation of jobs for Mexicans now emigrating illegally to the US for work) and a renewed incentive for asteroid mining, which Dr. Diamandis is already investigating. It’d sure be sounder to mine the asteroid belt than enrich Putin and his cronies.

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