Cosplay Convention Brings Japanese Culture To Moscow


From ru-japan’s LiveJournal:

Photographs of cosplayers from j-fest in Moscow

I went to the Japanese festival J-FEST today, it was great there. There were lots of young anime fans, I liked it. What I was able to get on camera, I’ll put below (the quality’s not great sometimes, I’m not a good photographer)

A real Arab, he came and had his photo taken with everyone.

Comments from ru-japan’s LiveJournal:


It’s an Arab? Not a Sikh?

khathi: (responding to above)

Judging by the shape of his moustache and his turban – he’s a Sikh.


There we gooo!
*leaves, completely satisfied with her level of knowledge about Eastern cultures*


…You need to see and hear this chaos personally) Thanks, it’s interesting. Lots of good costumes.

ivs1958: (responding to above)

There are lots of [good] costumes, but not [good] pictures.

takootaku: (responding to above)

Better than nothing.


Why aren’t they smiling?

kirkhill: (responding to above)

Because they’re Russians!


I’ve fallen away from the culture a bit. I don’t recognise anyone.


Not much of a photo gallery, as per usual – you forthright fucker. Thanks.

Written by Joe Innes

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  • Kate

    Ah fun ^_^♥♥♥

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Huh, interesting. As a child, I’ve thought that fans of anime was limited to Chinese people. As I grow older, it’s nice to see the bigger picture and that anyone can enjoy it!

  • linette lee

    I love gundam. The japs should make a gundam godzilla showdown series.

  • 3ayo

    If only Japan could use these cosplay conventions to promote Japanese control of Sakhalin. “Let’s see do I prefer control over some island off of Siberia, or the opportunity to have a life long supply of cosplay outfits?!” Soft power has its perks. ;)

    Just joking, of course. :D

  • linette lee

    In USA, they have comic con. People are so crazy about comics and japs ani

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    Lol @ the Sikh being an Arab

    • robb58258

      sterven pijnlijk

  • Ck

    U idiot, it’s a Sikh gentleman! Have some sense in distinguishing ppl before u decide to post it on ur blog… Doesn’t say much on ur intelligence