13-Year-Old Commits Suicide Because Teacher Told Her Off

From Life News Online:

In Moscow, a 13-year-old girl has hanged herself in front of her twin sister

The girl decided to commit suicide because of a note in her planner. Her sister was unable to stop her.

The note that the 13-year-old Moscow schoolgirl received became the reason for this real tragedy that unrolled in the south of Moscow.

The incident that was the starting point for all this terrible drama took place in a life safety lesson. The class’s main teacher was replaced by another teacher – 22-year-old Anton Guskov.

[Note: life safety is a compulsory class in Russian schools. It includes things such as first aid, healthy living, and so on.]

“Anton Alekseyevich [Guskov] gave Sasha [the girl in question] a note because she was chatting with her best friend – Vika, who she shares a desk with”, a classmate of the girl told Life News. “The teacher took her planner”.

Guskov himself, who is the school’s main counsellor, did not pay any particular attention to the event.

“I took the girl’s planner and carried on with the lesson”, the teacher said to law enforcement officers.

After life safety, Sasha went to three more lessons, and then went home with a friend. According to her friend, Sasha was behaving normally on the way home, nothing gave away the fact that she was upset.

However, when she got home, broke out into hysterics. She showed her twin sister her planner with the teacher’s note, and said that she wanted to rip the page out. Her sister started to talk her out of it.

According to Sonia, the twin sister of the deceased, Sasha decided that “her life was finished” after that.

However, the girl had no idea that her sister’s words were literal. Sasha started to slit her veins in front of her sister.

“Sonia called her mother in a panic, so that she could calm her sister down”, a source in law enforcement told Life News. “But it was already too late. The words didn’t have any effect on the girl. She went out onto the balcony, closed the door, and made a noose from her belt.

Hoping to save her sister, Sonia ran to her neighbours. There, they called the police, but precious time had been lost, and the girl had died.

An investigation by the Investigative Committee into the child’s death has already begun. Life News correspondents in turn decided to talk to the teachers of School №629 to find out what could push a student towards such a terrible decision.

“Sasha has always been a sociable girl”, the school psychologist Svetlana Avakova told Life News. “Very active, not overly-sensitive she was a completely normal child, not requiring any special treatment. I understand at the school that conflicts between students occur from time to time, but I have never seen her getting involved.”

According to the psychologist, Sasha was modest and decent in the way she spoke to others, and she never showed any kind of introversion – quite the opposite, in lessons she always tried to show her best side.

“The difference between Alexandra [Sasha] and Sofia [Sonia] was just that Sofia [Sonia] was more often ill, and stayed home more often”, Svetlana Avakova continues. “Sasha was friends with lots of students, she was always drawn to school.”

Comments from Life News Online:


How ridiculous


That such a young person’s life is over is terrible. BUT I completely do not understand the motive, that she needed to slit her wrists, hang herself over a note in her planner. Our parents were – wow. My dad was in the military, my mum was a teacher in kindergarten – discipline was like in the army. Of course I got notes for unsatisfactory behaviour in fourth class, so what? Children really have no way of occupying themselves, parents don’t teach them interests. I did it in three ways – I did my homework the way I had been taught, I studied, and I jogged on the field, I had enough to worry about without notes. It’s pretty stupid to settle the score with life at 12 because of chatting in lessons.


Where have these people come from: unbalanced, afraid, insecure :(


The parents clearly went too far with their scorn and ridicule


It’s good that the unbalanced girl didn’t grow up and go out shooting people, let people like that die straight away.


Now I ask you all to be quiet. How can you judge the situation when you don’t know anything?! You didn’t know Sasha, or Anton Alekseyevich [Guskov]!! I know them personally because I study at that school. Sasha was a very positive, bright girl! Goodness just radiated out of her. You’re talking rubbish [former commenter]. Having read your comments, I came to the conclusion that you don’t have a soul. This is clear! Her parents are also good people. They never “beat” the sisters. leaving school, she really wasn’t upset or hurt (according to my friends, who left school with Sasha). So I’m asking you, don’t spend too much time on this incident. You didn’t know her, and she didn’t know you either. So you don’t need to speak badly like this. Don’t speak ill of the dead. I’ve said all I wanted.

Further comments from Lenta.ru: Форум:


How terrible! Check the teachers and her schoolmates to find out which of them drove this person to suicide.

Гоп со смыком:

It’s not certain that anyone specifically drove her to it. Maybe she was just naturally over-vulnerable.

Я в поросятах знаю толк:

In any case, the parents are to blame – they couldn’t get in touch with their daughter.

Хомячковый Оппозиционер:

The parents need to be checked. If they’ve done something wrong, then they need to go to jail. The school here is probably not guilty.

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