Archangelsk’s Oldest Painter’s Socialist Realism Rebellion

From Marinni’s LiveJournal:

Erotica in art – subjects from Soviet life…

Gennadiy Semakov. Nude inside, 1960-80.

I can’t repost it, but I was going to post Chinese erotica on china.

[Note: the ceramic material, not the country]

Naked woman reading poetry

[…] Gennadiy Semakov is 84, he is the oldest artist in Archangelsk. During the Soviet era, he painted the subjects he was allowed to, working women:

A woman worker

Pictures of Nenets life:

Nenets life

When it became possible, he started to paint nude and erotic paintings. There is a lot that is identifiable from the 60s, 70s and 80s in the pictures: furniture, crockery, wallpaper – all little details. Despite his age, he continues to paint that sort of subject and exhibit his work across the motherland.

Naked woman holding a samovar

Rustic scene (1994)

Woman in fur coat flashing

I’m all yours (1994)

Naked woman on the phone

A woman in demand (1995)

Man heading off to work while woman stands naked

Everyday scene (1995)

Man and woman lying naked in bed eating fruit

Not life, but raspberries (1996)

Naked woman looking out the window

Miss X (1996)

Naked woman with man

La Boheme (2004)

Man climbing into naked woman's bedroom window

Secret Novel (2004)

Naked woman reading poetry

A fan of Sergei Esenin’s poetry (2004)

Woman with two glasses of vodka and fruit

Temptation (2008)

Naked woman peeks through keyhole

The difficulties of Kommunalkas (2009)

Naked lady next to fire

By the fire (2009)

Naked woman holding a piece of fruit

In an intimate situation (2010)

Naked woman pouring a drink for fully clothed man

One for the road (2012)


Comments from Marinni’s LiveJournal:


Socialist Realism:)


The last picture (the one with the carnations of mourning) lead to sad thoughts about the fate of the artist…


Thank you very much! It’s all great, both the pictures and the names. I loved it, really )))


The lady in the fur coat particularly touched my soul, somehow)))
Thank you very much, you lifted my mood))




How lovely!


This is wonderful! A whole layer of memories))) Thank you for your wonderful posts!


It’s funny that the men in the pictures look like the General Secretaries of the Communist Party in their youth. In the first, the hero looks like a young Gorbachev, the 8th, a young Stalin, the 9th, Brezhnev)))


Apparently he’s only ever seen one woman naked…

vyshivanka: (responding to above)

Well I think they’re all very different


The names are ace :)

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