Russian Schoolgirl Kicks Her English Teacher In the Balls

An English teacher in Russia angrily pokes a little Russian schoolgirl's head with his middle finger during a lesson.

On YouTube:

УЧИТЕЛЮ ПО ЯЙЦАМ (Russian girl kicked teacher’s balls)

A scene worthy of “School” [a popular Russian TV series].

The schoolgirl rocks!

Comments on YouTube:


The girl is not stupid, the teacher didn’t explain it to her properly.

dAs sdasdaasd:

Blin, one [in the balls] for the teacher? She’s only a girl, but even so, she’s smashed the teacher’s balls!


Fake! Advertising for a TV channel.


The teacher has no right to do that. He should not even touch her with his finger.


For it to be fair, the teacher needed to have his balls torn. If I were one of the girl’s parents, I would have killed this bearded schmuck.


Nice one, girl! She didn’t give in to the moron-teacher’s insults! And for anyone who talks about ‘the old days’, I note that there were no mobile devices with video recording and so an angry teacher could remain unpunished.


Quite right, you should answer rudeness with nothing but rudeness no matter how old someone is.


Smart people normally don’t get shouted at. He has no right to touch her with his finger? I suppose not. But all of these child protection rights only go one way, as children can do anything they want, and the most the teacher can do is call up the parents, because now you can’t be left alone with a child, you can’t leave [flunk them] in the second year, you can’t kick kids out … there’s a lot that you’re not allowed to do. The result is that children can muck about, and then they ask the teacher, ‘they say you were a dick to the stupid children’.

IvanBuzzer: (responding to above)

‘Smart people normally don’t get shouted at’ – nonsense, this sort of teacher shouts at everyone, we’ve all seen it) And it’s not just children that you’re not allowed to touch, it’s anybody, whoever they may be. If only she were 30. I also teach, although I teach at a music school, and so I know shouting NEVER achieves anything from the youngsters, the child just shuts up and doesn’t make a sound, as we’ve just seen here ourselves. This is not ‘stupidity’, it’s just a mental state.

andreyyermilov: (also responding to Artiic1c)

And how about you suck my balls, Mr. Garrison‘ – that’s the only way to respond to this kind of fucking about.
If we forget that it’s a fake … think about it, if you were using this tone, would you be wanting to have a constructive conversation?
Guys, get off YouTube, go outside, get some air into your brain.
I can not imagine a situation where behaviour similar to the teacher’s is justified: he conveys no useful information, he simply asserts his authority in a petty way.

What do you think? Did the teacher get what he deserved? Or have children’s rights gone too far?

After being picked on, a little Russian schoolgirl kicks her English teacher in the crotch before running away.

Written by Joe Innes

Editor of russiaSLAM, Joe Innes, loves all things Russian (well - most things!) and is currently living in St. Petersburg. Please feel free to get in touch by Twitter, Facebook, or by using the contact form on the "About" page.

  • Kim Jong-un

    Sofa, haha

  • Cocori

    Russian sofa for me…. loving it!

  • :p

    finnally you picked another country worthy of such interest and mockery!

    • Steve

      Meh, people sometimes deserved to be mocked, but there’s not much point mocking a big, diverse country. Agree that Russia is a great pick though.

      • vince

        You guys probably haven’t heard of then I believe the commenter called Augis runs the site, very interesting and there are a lot more articles there.

        • Joe

          Hi Vince,

          Great to see you’re checking out the site!

          Expansion into Russia is something that the chinaSMACK franchise have had planned for a while, and we’re glad that there’s some healthy competition. Much like our sources comprise a number of news outlets, there’s no reason that russiaSLAM and RedHotRussia can’t co-exist. We’re sure that Augis and his team would agree that the more of the RuNet we can bring you, the better, and together, we can bring you more than either of us could individually.

          RHR have the benefit of a few months extra on us, but stick with us: we pledge to keep delivering fresh content daily, concentrating on what’s trending in Russia and on the Russian speaking internet now.


          • Absolutely agree with Joe.
            The more sites translating news from RuNet – the better, and the merrier!

          • vince

            Hi Joe and Augis I’m definitely going to be checking out both sites, the more the merrier and as they say competition breeds excellence. Good Luck on popularizing RussiaSlam Joe :)

  • Cooljackal

    что это? я незнау!

  • Many people think that this video is fake and serves as advertisement for a new TV program.

    From those who think that it’s not fake (or don’t care about it), more than 90% praise the girl and are ready to beat the teacher themselves.

  • elizabeth

    Wow, the little girl has bal…,er, guts.

  • Snarky_Florida

    This guy should be have restraining order immediately.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Ahahahahaha, I found the girl’s gutsy move very amusing. That said, I feel like she handled it wrongly, but the teacher also handled the situation poorly too. Furthermore, the teacher is an adult who knows right and wrong, while the little girl is just a little girl.

    Guy probably shouldn’t have embarrassed her in front of her class :(

  • Nate Piper

    This isn’t fake. This is obviously real. That girl is scared and embarrassed then he pushes her head hard and abusively. That is sick. So wrong. Probably a closet sadist. There is enough modern research done on education to understand children need positive nurturing and encouragement. That bastard shouldn’t be allowed to teach kids. SOB.

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