Nationalist Protest Goes “Without Serious Incident”

From Echo Moskvy:

Nationalists celebrate across the whole of Russia on the eve of National Unity Day

In some regions there were no arrests.

The main centre of activity for the nationalists was the Russian march in Moscow. Activists marched along the Yakmanskaya and Crimean embankments. The headquarters of the Interior Ministry in the capital say that on the whole, events occurred without serious incident. It’s true that before the action began, 25 people in black coats with swastikas were arrested at Tretyakov metro station. At Dostoevskaya station, there was a fight between nationalists and anti-fascists. The police reported that about two thousand people took part in the march. According to information from the organisers, there were somewhat more of them. One of the activists, Igor Yasin, was seriously injured – his face was beaten. In the provinces, activity was on a smaller scale. In St. Petersburg, for example, nationalists decided to go on an unauthorised march through the centre of the town. About 100 members of the march were detained by police, according to [Note: a St. Petersburg news site]. In Nizhny Novgorod, there were two marches organised on the eve. The Russian march, in which nationalists participated took place without incident, which it’s not possible to say about the regional march, which was not authorised by the authorities in Nizhny Novgorod. The police arrested a total of around 40 participants of the unauthorised march. Activists claim that arrests are a rather crude response.

According to data from the Interior Ministry, the Day of National Unity was celebrated in a variety of events by around 20,000 people.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


And the Nazis calls from the soapbox for revolt and revolution, and cries to to seize power made through microphones, is that also calm and legal?


This is a manifestation of national unity!

sokira: (responding to above)

It’s a manifestation of unity!?


Well, everything went quietly, thank God.


People are celebrating the Day of National Unity!!!
At least someone’s started celebrating. Just without swastikas and Hitler salutes.

There’s just one bad thing – they’re carrying portraits of Jesus.

When you take up icons and crosses, you’re a deliberate SLAVE to the God of the Jews (a slave of God).
It’s sickening to look at these “Russians”.

yorsh: (responding to above)

Friend! You have cockroaches swarming in your mind!

against: (also responding to previous commenter)

Well, you’ve stirred it up, I hope it’s sarcasm?


They were celebrating unity, but it turned ugly.


“Nationalists celebrate across the whole of Russia on the eve of National Unity Day”
Not even funny.


But where’s Putin?

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