Police Colonel Shoots Two Comrades in Tuapse

From Suren Gazaryan’s LiveJournal:

About the events in Tuapse. How the police shoot at and attack one another.

Yesterday, in Tuapse, about 9pm, on the main city square, there was a shoot-out with the head of police Mikhail Smirnov. He shot his deputy’s driver at point-blank range with a non-lethal weapon. At 21.25, a man claiming to be Armen Gevorkyan, born 1st September 1980, was admitted to hospital. A non-lethal round was removed from the front side of his abdominal wall. This was the driver of the deputy head of police, Lieutenant Colonel Bagdasaryan.

At 23.25, Tigran Gurgenovich Bagdasaryan himself, born 20th February 1979, was admitted to hospital. The Lieutenant Colonel explained as he was admitted to hospital that he had been attacked by a member of the Interior Ministry for the fact that he had brought the wounded driver to the hospital. Bagdasaryan’s driver was shot by his immediate superior, Colonel Mikhail Smirnov. Bagdasaryan was immediately hospitalised. On the second day, there were internal affairs officers on site, as well as FSB officials and members of the investigative committee. Access to the victims was blocked. The building of the Interior Ministry department for the city of Tuapse and the Tuapse region was searched. The reasons for the conflict is unknown, nothing has been written in the local media. […]

Comments from Suren Gazaryan’s LiveJournal:


Hurry up already. All cops should shoot themselves.

Alexander Minin:

They’re like animals, except worse.


It would seem that there is some good news nowadays after all.


This is some sort of bumfuckery.


I demand that this banquet continues!


The process has begun…


I’m glad that they can safely shoot one another in the head – I don’t think there will be any deaths. It’s a strict policy of the Interior Ministry that the volume of brains must not be greater than that of a walnut.


I hate these Russian bureaucrats in uniforms and out of them.


You’re going the right way, guys. Keep it up.


I hope that this trend reaches the Tkachev and Putin administration.

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