Heartwarming Collection of Hugs from Russian Police Officers

This art project by Anton Kotenev tries to show the other side of the police force in Russia. While the Russian police come in for a lot of criticism (Policeman shoots two comrades, Drug dealer escapes after paying bribe, Police allowed to beat protesters without consequence, and Russian traffic police learn new way to accept bribes), this heartwarming video wishing us a happy New Year shows that even Russian police officers are human beings too.

From YouTube:

Hug a policeman!

Art project “Hug a policeman”! http://freehugspolice.ru/ My name is Anton Kotenev and I always have something to tell you!

Comments from YouTube:

Дмитрий Жариков:

Brilliant, me and my friends are laughing))


I’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s too sickly-sweet.

Виктор Ветошников:

How many of them are here?


Well, I hope they’ve been written up for this, because now people are going to laugh at them on the streets)

Платон Казаков:

I’m in shock.


If you hug a policeman, check your pockets and your mobile phone.


While they’re being hugged, they’re planting drugs in your pocket

Iskander Vakhidov:

Look and see the percentage of policemen with badges and without, even though they all have to wear them.


Christ, the cops look like gopniks and criminals >.<


I’m scared, really


Seems more like a New Year’s fairytale

Fee D:

Blin this is great)


This is very positive, there are good people, and there are more of them than bad people!

Igor Meneg:

I decided to watch it again and it was only at the end that I saw that they were wishing us well, guys, if you make a video, make it short, who’s gonna watch it for 6 minutes?

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